CSK Book Awards Gold T-shirt

Show your support for the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, representing the very best in children’s and young adult literature that depicts the African American experience. This attractive shirt features the distinctive Coretta Scott King Book Awards seal, along with the year of the Award’s founding, 1969.

The basic circle in the CSK seal represents continuity in movement, resolving from one idea to another. Within the circle is the image of an African American child reading a book.  The five main religious symbols below the image of the child (star and crescent, om, latin cross, Star of David, and Tao) represent nonsectarianism. The superimposed pyramid symbolizes both strength and Atlanta University, the award’s headquarters when the seal was designed.  At the apex of the pyramid is the dove, symbolic of peace.  The rays shine toward peace and brotherhood.

Sales benefit the Coretta Scott King Book Awards Committee, a Committee of the ALA Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT), in its work to sustain the Awards’ future.     

100% Cotton

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