Studying Students: A Second Look--eEditions e-book

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Studying Students: A Second Look presents the results of further ethnographic projects within the University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries. Topics range from how college students “learn the ropes” to their use of technology and how they study and write their research papers. The volume also discusses what professors expect of their students and the similarities and differences among faculty, student and librarian research practices. Filled with ideas for applying the findings, the book provides additional insight into the place and role of libraries in the academy.

Nancy Fried Foster
one. Reporting on the Undergraduate Research Refresher
Nancy Fried Foster
two. Hallmarks of a Good Paper
Nora Dimmock
three. Discovering Undergraduate Technology Use
Solomon Blaylock and Cynthia Carlton
four. Picture My Work
Judi Briden and Sarada George
five. Learning the Ropes
Marcy Strong, Kenn Harper, and Mari Tsuchiya 
six. "Whatever Works": Finding Trusted Information
Helen Anderson and Sarah Sexstone
seven. Research as Connection
Nancy Fried Foster
eight. Understanding How Undergraduates Work
Sarada George and Nancy Fried Foster
nine. Designing Academic Libraries with the People Who Work in Them
Nancy Fried Foster
ten. Study Groups in Libraries: Exponential Benefits
Alison Bersani, Judi Briden, Sue Cardinal, and Katie Clark
eleven. Where Do We Go from Here?
Solomon Blaylock, Judi Briden, and LeRoy LaFleur
About the Authors

Nancy Fried Foster

Nancy Fried Foster is lead anthropologist at the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries.