Barbara Klipper

Barbara Klipper, a retired librarian, has championed library access for people with disabilities since 2002 when she worked at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT. Her book Programming for Children and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder was updated by Dr. Amelia Anderson in 2021. With Carrie Scott Banks, she co-authored “Staying Calm: Disabilities and ‘Behavior’ in the Library” in Differing Abilities and the Library: Fostering Equity for Patrons and Staff with Disabilities, edited by C.A. Copeland, PhD. With Ronda Shapiro-Rieser, she published The Secret Rules of Social Networking  in 2015. She is also the creator and funder of the Autism Welcome Here grant.

Products by Barbara Klipper: 
Image for Library Programming for Adults with Developmental Disabilities