The Academic Library Building in the Digital Age: A Study of Construction, Planning, and Design of New Library Space

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The Academic Library Building in the Digital Age: A Study of Construction, Planning, and Design of New Library Space is the first comprehensive study of planning and construction of academic library buildings completed entirely in the new century. Given digitization of collections, the dynamic mix of new learning spaces with traditional library functions, and other factors informing contemporary library design, the digital age has not raised so much the question of if libraries will survive, but how they will survive. This book answers this question, among others, by looking to academic library building projects completed in recent years.

chapter one. Why Study Academic Library Buildings?
1 A Changing Landscape
1 Background
2 Purpose and Significance of the Study
4 Questions for the Research
4 Discussing the Study: An Overview

chapter two. Thinking about Library Space
7 History
8 Characteristics of New Library Space
10 The Library's Role in Learning
12 Physical Collections and the Library Space
14 The Library as Place
15 Measuring Use
16 Frameworks for Educational Architecture
17 Planning
19 Conclusion

chapter three. Strategies for Research
21 Creating an Inventory of New Library Buildings
23 Institutional Data for Colleges and Universities that Built New Libraries
25 Survey Design
26 Conclusion

chapter four. The Big Picture: An Overview of Recent U.S. Academic Library Construction
27 New Academic Library Buildings, 2003–2009
27 Types of Institutions that Built New Libraries
31 Size and Cost of New Libraries
37 Comparison of New Library Construction Activity
Between 2003–2009 and 1996–2002
39 Summary

chapter five. Responses to the Survey
41 Timeframe and Process
42 Institutional Factors and New Academic Buildings
44 Conclusion

chapter six. Planning New Library Buildings
45 Age of Buildings Being Replaced
47 Sources of Funding for New Library Buildings
47 Planning Factors for New Academic Library Buildings
49 Modern Library Planning: Implications for Physical Collections
54 Conclusion

chapter seven. General Characteristics of New Library Buildings
55 Size of New Space Compared with Old Building
57 Multiuse
59 Technology
59 Seating
60 Access and Policies
61 Conclusion

chapter eight. User Space
000 Seating
000 Learning Space: Group Study
66 Learning Space: Library Classrooms
67 Learning Space: Quiet Study
67 Faculty Space
68 Conclusion

chapter nine. Usage
69 Role of New Library Building in the Academic Life of the Institution
70 Role of New Library Building in the Social/Cultural Life of the Institution
71 Use of the New Building
74 Conclusion

chapter ten. Conclusion
77 Background
78 Overview of New Academic Library Construction
78 Investigating New Academic Library Space
80 Further Research
81 Concluding Note

Appendix A: Survey

Dr. Christopher Stewart

Dr. Christopher Stewart is Dean of Libraries at Illinois Institute of Technology and a member of the adjunct faculty of the Graduate School of Library & Information Science at Dominican University.