Essential Project Management Skills for Library Workers eCourse

This eCourse introduces essential strategies and techniques for project management in libraries. Topics include management styles, institutional constraints, project life cycles, stakeholder management, scope definition, risk assessment, project planning tools, and team management. There will be a special emphasis on managing teams, including information on the role of the leader, the value of diversity and inclusion, communications, and meeting management.


American Sign Language for Library Staff: Level 2 eCourse

Level up your knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) along with your library’s services to deaf and hard of hearing library users. Designed to provide more in-depth learning, practice, and feedback for those who have completed American Sign Language for Library Staff Level 1, this course will use readings, multimedia resources, online discussion boards, and hands-on assignments to introduce more ASL vocabulary, grammar, and culture topics relevant to the library setting.


Fighting Fake News with Information Literacy eCourse

In an era where digital information is ubiquitous and fake news is everywhere, training students to think critically regarding digital information is crucial. As information professionals, we are trained to analyze the authority and sourcing of information, and we need to provide our students with this same type of training so they can develop into media-literate practitioners.