Leadership Planners Series

From renowned leadership guru Catherine Hakala-Ausperk, author of bestsellers such as Be A Great Boss and Renew Yourself, comes this unique series of pragmatic leadership planners.

book cover for Hot-Ticket MeetingsHot-Ticket Meetings

Why do so many of us dislike meetings? And why does that popup reminder on our screen often trigger feelings of dread and boredom? It’s because all too often it means sitting through or leading another do-nothing, time-wasting, fingers-on-the-chalkboard, “we talk about the same thing every month” obligation. But as a team leader, you can do better. It’s time to flip the script on this bedrock of organizational culture and remake meetings into the kind of hot-ticket gatherings that will make attendees feel confident and motivated, informed and included.

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Dynamic Discipline

You’re a manager, supervisor, and library leader—but you’re still human. And, as social animals, humans tend to shy away from situations that are uncomfortable or even potentially threatening. So it’s no wonder that disciplining employees doesn’t rank high on anyone’s list of favorite job duties. But because negativity can quickly spread, personnel problems cannot be ignored. The good news is that discipline does not have to be a dirty word, and in fact dynamic discipline can go beyond just fixing a problem to making your whole team stronger.

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Win 'Em Over

No matter how talented a leader you are, there are often barriers in your way caused by a lack of trust or respect, or most likely an absence of confidence. This installment of management coach Hakala-Ausperk’s Leadership Planners series tackles a crucial issue: how to effectively supervise employees who might be older or more experienced than you are, or even longtime peers who are suddenly under your authority after an internal promotion. It might seem like a tall order to confidently demonstrate your skills and abilities to such a team. But all you really have to do is win ‘em over. This planner will help you examine the reasons, the implications, the challenges, and the solutions that confidence — or a lack thereof — can cause.

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Future-Proof Your Team

Does everything just seem to be happening too fast? Are you finding there’s no time between hearing that change is coming and dealing with your team’s frustration once it arrives? What’s more, all eyes are on you; and though you’re supposed to be directing, supporting, and helping your team succeed, frankly, you’re getting pulled down into the quicksand too! Sound familiar? This planner will ensure you keep moving forward by guiding you in taking concrete, positive steps—right away, soon, and in the future.

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