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Ten practical, fast-paced field guides to today’s hottest new technologies for information professionals- copublished with the prestigious Library and Information Technology Association (LITA, a division of the American Library Association).

sought-after educator, emerging-technology information consultant, and librarian, Ellyssa Kroski, these start-to-finish primers will have you ready to implement all the essential technologies and tools you need to deliver outstanding new services and remain relevant in the digital age.

All ten Tech Set titles follow a clear five-step learning approach to make new concepts easy to implement in your library!

Learn how to integrate cutting-edge technology with library services.
Because you’ll receive time-saving step-by-step coaching from your Tech Set author, you’ll have time to learn new skills and complete current tasks.

Plan and Implement a New Web 2.0 Technology Today.
Because The Tech Set® is written by librarians and for librarians, you don’t have to go it alone in mapping out the ways to actually use new Web 2.0 technology in your library. With an outline of implementation steps and a planning timeline you’ll have a clear path to follow as you launch new services.

Apply the Social Marketing Techniques Used by the Pros.
Have you ever launched a new service or capability only to find it undiscovered or under used? Your Tech Set author, will coach you through proven outreach tactics to attract and satisfy new users. Learn new ways to integrate new Web 2.0 technologies into your libraries current marketing approach and discover innovative new ways to increase your libraries visibility and presence in the community.

Follow Best Practices Established by Library Innovators.
You don’t need to spend hours on research. Tech Set authors give you a complete, round-up of best practices to increase you library’s success rate and speed you towards realizing the Web 2.0 service benefits. With this inspiration, they enable you to focus instead on emulating then adapting best practices to the unique needs of your library customers. Plus with “ best practices” you will have a quick-reference source of answers for years to come. 

Measure Your Success.
Where’s the payoff? The Tech Set® provides ways to measure results and demonstrate them to library administrators who may be skeptical. There is nothing better than a well-documented and measurable success story to attract more users and more funding.

Every title is accompanied by author wikis, located at packed with new advice and recommended resources. Plus you can hear these gurus’ own words by listening to The Tech Set® podcasts, where authors discuss their books, current research, and the latest developments in their fields.

Invest in The Tech Set® and gain ten personal technology coaches right in your library.

Find out more about each one of the Tech Set’s 10 titles by clicking the links below:
1. Next Gen Library Catalogs by Marshall Breeding
2. Mobile Technology and Libraries by Jason Griffey
3. Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries by Robin Hastings
4. Library Videos and Webcasts by Sean Robinson
5. Wikis for Libraries by Lauren Pressley
6. Technology Training in Libraries by Sarah Houghton-Jan
7. A Social Networking Primer for Libraries by Cliff Landis
8. Library Camps and Unconferences by Steve Lawson
9. Gaming in Libraries by Kelly Czarnecki
10. Effective Blogging for Libraries, by Connie Crosby

The Tech Set® is a registered trademark of Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.




Ellyssa Kroski

Ellyssa Kroski is the Director of Information Technology at the New York Law Institute as well as an award-winning editor and author of 37 books, including Law Librarianship in the Digital Age, for which she won the AALL's 2014 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award. Her ten-book technology series The Tech Set won the ALA's Best Book in Library Literature Award in 2011. She is a librarian, an adjunct faculty member at Drexel and San Jose State University, and an international conference speaker. She was honored with the 2017 Library Hi Tech Award from the ALA/LITA for her long-term contributions in the area of Library and Information Science technology and its application. She can be found at: