Staff Development: A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition--print/PDF e-book Bundle

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hr> Since its original publication more than two decades ago, Staff Development: A Practical Guide has remained a respected handbook for supporting one of libraries' most important assets: their human resources. Staff development and training are not only important but essential to ensure that libraries meet new challenges and fulfill their missions, especially in a constantly changing world where technological innovations directly impact information access for library staff and users alike. This new edition offers unique, state-of-the-art perspectives on such important topics as
  • Strategies for building and implementing a staff development program
  • Tracking changes through training, including the importance of setting goals and needs assessments
  • Refining how staff approaches customer service
  • Using instructional design for staff development

This is a volume that every librarian charged with staff development should have at the ready.

Introduction to the Fourth Edition
Part I: Building a Staff Development Program
Chapter 1
Introduction to Staff Development
Elaine Z. Jennerich and Lisa A. Oberg
Chapter 2
Needs Assessment: Planning, Implementation, and Action
Jeanne F. Voyles and Robyn Huff-Eibl
Chapter 3
The Strategic Imperative of Library Staff Development: Staff Development and Library Strategic Planning
Raynna Bowlby and Linda Plunket
Chapter 4
How to Set Goals
Elizabeth Fuseler Avery
Chapter 5
Getting Started: Questions to Ask
Julia Blixrud
Part II: Developing Your Staff
Chapter 6
Developing Orientation Programs for New Employees
Carol A. Kochan and Sandra J. Weingart
Chapter 7
Core Competencies for Libraries and Library Staff
Joan Giesecke and Beth McNeil
Chapter 8
How Understanding the Organization, Clear Expectations, and Competencies Lead to Successful Coaching and Performance
Jeanne F. Voyles and Robyn Huff-Eibl
Chapter 9
Cross-Functional Training and Collaboration in the Organization
Jeanne F. Voyles and Robyn Huff-Eibl
Chapter 10
Refining the Customer Service Attitude:
Steven Carr
Chapter 11
Leading from Any Position
Maureen Sullivan
Chapter 12  
Developing Bench Strength: Succession Planning
Maureen Sullivan
Part III: Tackling Change through Training

Chapter 13
Planning a Training and Development Infrastructure for Library and Information Environments: Roles and Responsibilities
Julie Todaro
Chapter 14
Instructional Design in Library Settings: Designing Effective and Efficient Training Programs
Myntha Cuffy and Dorothy Marie Persson
Chapter 15
Using Online Videos for Staff Training
Chad F. Boeninger
Chapter 16
The Ideal: Joint Labor and Management Staff Development Programs
Lila Daum Fredenburg
Part IV: Assessment
Chapter 17
Assessing and Ensuring the Transfer of Training
David Delbert Kruger and John Cochenour

Andrea Wigbels Stewart

Andrea Wigbels Stewart is interim university librarian at The Gelman Library, George Washington University. She received her master's degree in education and human development from George Washington University's Graduate School of Education and Human Development. She served as LLAMA's HRS section secretary and cochair of the Staff Development Committee.

Carlette Washington-Hoagland

Carlette Washington-Hoagland is coordinator of staff development and diversity programming at the University of Iowa Libraries. Her research interests include staff development, usability testing, service quality, engagement, sexual harassment, and retention. She holds an MA in library and information science from the University of Iowa and an MS in sociology from Iowa State University.

Carol T. Zsulya

Carol T. Zsulya is Head, Collection Management, the business/economics librarian, and communication librarian at Cleveland State University. She received an MSLS degree from Case Western Reserve University. She has participated in several programs of recent Charleston Conferences on e-books and technology's impact on academic libraries.

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