Rosalind Farnam Dudden

Rosalind Farnam Dudden, MLS, DM/AHIP, FMLA, is the Library and Knowledge Services Director at the National Jewish Health in Denver, CO. She has worked in a hospital library setting since 1971. A member of the Medical Library Association and the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (CCML) since 1971, Dudden has been a leader in many of the technology and evaluation efforts of both groups. She has served in more than sixty elected or appointed offices at the national, chapter, and section and local levels. She is a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals, a Fellow of the Medical Library Association and a former member of the MLA board. She served as president of the MLA Hospital Libraries Section, the MLA Research Section and CCML.Committed to sharing the knowledge that she has gained throughout her career, she has taught more than fifteen courses and presented many papers and posters. Some of her accomplishments over the years include work in standards, surveys and technology. She was instrumental in the development of the 1984 edition of MLA's Hospital Library Standards during her tenure as chair of the Hospital Library Standards and Practices Committee. The committee also wrote a paper on the JCAHO standards that received MLA's Ida and George Eliot Prize in 1981. Dudden worked on the successful MLA Benchmarking Network Task Force and project since 1999, helping with the analysis of the 2002 and 2004 surveys. For her role in supporting the vision, development, and implementation on the Benchmarking Network, she received the MLA President's Award in 2003. With CCML members, Dudden has worked on surveys of interlibrary loan activity form 1977 to 2007, a series of surveys designed to analyze usage patterns and promote balanced resource sharing. She and the survey committee members wrote a research article about the 1997 survey. For her work with these and other CCML efforts, she received CCML's Marla Graber Award for Excellence and Achievement in Health Sciences Librarianship in 2005.With a career-long interest in technology and being a promoter of its use in libraries, Dudden worked on projects locally that promoted the use of e-mail for interlibrary loan as early as 1980 and was instrumental in expanding the shared integrated library system with a National Library of Medicine grant in 1991. For many years, she chaired the committee that produced the CCML Journal Locator as a computerized union list of serials starting in 1977, which is now online. In the early 1980s she promoted MEDLINE searching and taught several courses that allowed CCML members to get access. For her work in collaborative technology projects through the years, she received the ISI/Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award from MLA in 1995. She created Denver's first hospital Website in 1995, writing or loading more than 300 pages, and was hospital Webmaster until 2000. She also served as Webmaster of both MLA's Hospital Libraries Section and the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section (CAPHIS). Her work contributed to the CAPHIS Top 100 Websites You Can Trust for consumers.During her career she also received two awards from the Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association, the Barbara McDowell Award for Hospital Librarianship in 1988 and the Outstanding Achievement Award in 1995. The faculty at National Jewish awarded her the first Friend of the Faculty Award in 2002 and she was commended for dragging them kicking and screaming into the Internet age. In October 2004, Rosalind was awarded an NLM publications grant for two years to research and write the book Using Benchmarking, Needs Assessment, Quality Improvement, Outcome Measurement, and Library Standards: A How-To-Do-It Manual.