RDA: Strategies for Implementation, Second Edition

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Since its publication, thousands of catalogers, technical services librarians, and LIS students have benefitted from the expert guidance provided by El-Sherbini's guide, which won the 2014 ALCTS Outstanding Publication Award. In this new edition, she completely updates her text to reflect the maturing landscape of RDA: Resource Description and Access. Starting with a comparison of the conceptual background and structure of RDA to AACR2, she then moves beyond theory to show real-world examples of implementation, illustrated with many clear examples of the new MARC21 fields in use. A valuable roadmap for RDA novices as well as a ready reference for practitioners, this book

  • traces the history of RDA and the transition from AACR2, enumerating the differences and similarities between the standards;
  • presents detailed strategies on implementing RDA, from general training tips to decision making, integrating new RDA records with legacy records, exporting RDA-based bibliographic records, vendor services, and much more, covering every aspect of daily practice;
  • addresses FRBR-driven tasks, FRBR-Group relationships, and principles of FRAD, including how FRAD impacts the RDA application;
  • features numerous handy checklists and worksheets to aid cataloging and reinforce learning;
  • offers brand new chapters on Work and Expression, Work and Expression for Special Materials, Authorized Access Points, and Relationships Among Entities; and
  • provides updated guidance on getting the most out of RDA Toolkit.

Incorporating the latest developments in RDA, this comprehensive resource remains the authoritative guide to implementing the new cataloging standard.

Magda El-Sherbini

Magda El-Sherbini is Head of The Ohio State University Libraries' Cataloging Department. In this capacity, she oversees the Department's cataloging activities. She supervises the department's four cataloging units as well as four faculty members and their respective staffs. In addition to her administrative duties, El-Sherbini serves on numerous library committees and is the author of numerous library publications. She served as a member of the ALA RDA Advisory Board, which addresses issues related to the online publishing of RDA, tests the product online, and provides feedback to the publisher.