Public Library Service Responses 2007

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In 1997, the publication "Planning for Results: A Public Library Transformation Process" included thirteen service responses, which were defined as what a library does for, or offers to, the public in an effort to meet a set of well-defined community needs. The pace of change continued to accelerate, and in 2006, PLA initiated a process to review and revise the 1997 Service Responses. The process was designed to allow all interested librarians, library staff, and library trustees to participate, either in person or via the Web. The process started with three meetings held during the 2006 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, to discuss the current service responses and begin to identify possible new responses. Those who were unable to attend one of the meetings in New Orleans were given an opportunity to participate in the revision process through the PLA blog.

In mid-November, June Garcia and Sandra Nelson developed a list of proposed service responses that reflected all of the suggestions and comments that had been received. On January 4, 2007, drafts of the complete descriptions of eighteen proposed service responses were posted to the PLA blog for review and discussion. The drafts were presented at an open meeting during the 2007 Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, and were completed in mid-February 2007. The final service responses reflect the wide array of input received.

June Garcia

June Garcia has over 35 years experience as a public librarian. Her experience includes six years as director of an urban library (San Antonio Public Library), twelve years as the administrator of a branch library system (Phoenix Public Library), and five years as a branch manager. She has served as CEO of the CARL Corporation, and as Vice President and Chief Ambassador of TLC/CARL, both major library automation companies providing integrated systems to public libraries and consortia. Ms. Garcia is now a managing partner, along with Ronald Dubberly, of Dubberly Garcia Associates, a broad-based consulting company serving the library industry.

Sandra Nelson

Sandra Nelson is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and writer specializing in public library planning and management issues. She has worked in both small and large public libraries and in two state library agencies. She has presented hundreds of training programs and facilitated strategic planning processes in dozens libraries during the past thirty years. She was named Librarian of the Year by the Arizona State Library Association in 1987, received the ASCLA Professional Achievement Award in 1996, and received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the University of North Texas School of Information Science in 1999. She chaired the committee that developed the original Planning for Results: A Public Library Transformation Process (1997). She is the author of Planning fpr Results: A Streamlined Approach (2001) and she is co-author of Creating Policies for Results: From Chaos to Clarity (2003), Wired for the Future: Developing Your Library Technology Plan (1999) and Managing For Results: Effective Resource Allocation for Public Libraries (2000), all published by ALA. She is currently the Senior Editor of the PLA Results series.