Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers

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Copyright and other types of laws regulating intellectual property create an increasing concern for contemporary scholarship. The digital environment has created exciting new opportunities and possibilities for scholars to work and distribute their work. But these new opportunities also create issues that did not arise in the analog world. Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers attempts to demystify intellectual property, and especially copyright law, for academic authors and independent scholars who face these dilemmas. It also can serve as a comprehensive resource for librarians who are asked to assist with these new and challenging decisions.

Throughout the book a clear explanation of the law is coupled with concrete examples drawn from actual issues encountered by scholars. This balance of theoretical background and practical application is designed to appeal to both those who want a quick discussion of potential approaches and those who prefer to know "why." In addition to applying this approach to copyright issues that arise for research and teaching, the volume also discusses the options and obstacles that confront authors wishing to publish their work in new environment. Explanations and objective assessments of the different options available for disseminating scholarship are provided to assist authors and other creators in making their own decisions about the best choice for them.

Owning and Using Scholarship: An IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers is essential for all academic libraries, disciplinary faculty, and for schools of library and information science professional collections and courses on copyright.

  1. Technology and the Growing Problem of Intellectual Property in Academia
  2. What Is Intellectual Property Law and Who Owns Scholarly Work?
  3. Using Copyrighted Works in Scholarship
  4. Copyright Management and the Dissemination of Scholarship
  5. Beyond Copyright: Licensing and Technological Protection Measures
  6. Intellectual Property in a World without Borders
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Kevin L. Smith, J.D.

Kevin L. Smith, J.D. is director of the Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications at the Duke University Libraries and is both a librarian and an attorney experienced in copyright and technology law. He also serves as a campus resource on national policy in order to help the community stay informed and involved with the changing landscape of scholarly publication.

"The efficient narrative, combined with Smith's agility in delineating and contextualizing intellectual property theory, application, and emerging issues in academia, makes this an essential title to add to library collections."
— College & Research Libraries