No Shelf Required: E-Books in Libraries

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E-books have been around for more than 10 years but are still a relatively new phenomenon to many librarians and publishers. With the introduction of e-book readers, the e-book has become mainstream, with recent triple-digit annual increases in sales. But what place do they have in the library? In this volume, Sue Polanka brings together a variety of professionals to share their expertise about e-books with librarians and publishers. Providing forward-thinking ideas while remaining grounded in practical information that can be implemented in all kinds of libraries, the topics explored include

  • An introduction to e-books, the different types, and an overview of their history and development
  • E-book technology: general features of interfaces and e-book readers, best practices for acquisition, data standards, and how to track usage
  • Why e-books are good for learning, and how librarians can market them to a wide range of users, as illustrated by case studies and examples

This collection is a must-read for librarians who wish to understand how e-books fit into today's library.


Chapter 1 E-books on the Internet, by James Galbraith
Chapter 2 Student Learning and E-books, by Jackie Collier and Susan Berg
Chapter 3 E-books in the School Library, by Shonda Brisco
Chapter 4 E-books in the Public Library, by Amy Pawlowski

Case Study on the Amazon Kindle, by Blaise Dierks

Chapter 5 The Academic Library E-book, by Lindsey Schell

Case Study on the Sony Reader, by Anne Behler

Chapter 6 Acquiring E-books, by Carolyn Morris and Lisa Sibert
Chapter 7 The Use and Preservation of E-books, by Alice Crosetto
Chapter 8 E-book Standards, by Emilie Delquié and Sue Polanka
Chapter 9 The Future of Academic Book Publishing: E-books and Beyond, by Rolf Janke

List of Contributors

Sue Polanka

Sue Polanka is the moderator of No Shelf Required, a blog about the issues surrounding e-books for librarians and publishers, which won the 2010 Salem Press Library Blog Award for Best Academic Blog. Her intrigue with e-books began in 1999 with the introduction of NetLibrary and advanced with the evolution of online reference sources. She has been a reference and instruction librarian for 20 years at public, state, and academic libraries in Ohio and Texas and is currently the Head of Reference and Instruction at the Wright State University Libraries in Dayton, Ohio. Sue is a graduate of the University of Dayton and the Kent State University School of Library and Information Science. She has served on Booklist's Reference Books Bulletin Advisory Board for 10 years, functioning as Chair from 2007- 2010 and writes a column for RBB, "Off The Shelf," discussing electronic reference issues.

"...regarded as a must-read for librarians and other information professionals."
--The Charleston Report

"The best available source for the latest information about e-books in libraries … For its comprehensive coverage about a complicated topic--a theme that is so important it could help every library to survive and thrive--No Shelf Required should be required on every shelf. "
--Epublishers Weekly

"An essential guide to a topic of high importance."

"If you have limited or no knowledge of ebooks, read this volume. Its thorough presentation is required reading for all librarians who have or are adding e-books to their collections. Highly recommended."
--Library Journal

"Analyzing e-books and their many varieties, Sue Polanka gives librarians a complete and comprehensive understanding of the e-book and how to more successfully integrate it into one's business. E-books can be a powerful tool for libraries and education, and No Shelf Required covers everything needed, ranging from legal issues to indexing to technology and so much more, making it a truly important resource no modern librarian should be without."
--Midwest Book Review

"For all their technicality, the essays are very succinct and include tables, charts, case studies, and sidebars with definitions and links, all in an effort to further clarify things. Each chapter includes its own list of references, and the book has a good index. This is an incredibly timely topic for a print book to cover, and the editor admits as much. Still, for those who need an introduction, or a solid base from which to launch their requests for e-books to their administrators or library boards, this book is a good starting place."

"A provocative title for a provocative book. As publishing models continue their paradigm shift from print to digital, and the long-awaited legal agreements have been reached for the Google Books project, the volume and scope of materials available digitally from publishers is now greatly exceeding what publishers had once made available only in print. The role of e-books and how they fit into today's libraries are critical issues for today's collection management librarian ... The ability to clearly present the issues surrounding e-books from these various perspectives is what makes No Shelf Required an informative publication for librarians and administrators looking to make sense of the e-book market and its impact on libraries."
--Collection Management

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