Managing Your Library Construction Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Library building projects leave a legacy for decades, with one chance to get it right. Those with access to a trustworthy expert who can explain the process in step-by-step terms will have the best chance to make their projects succeed.

Expert author McCarthy is an architect with in-depth expertise building libraries as well as an 18-year veteran library trustee. He communicates the challenges and opportunities from both sides of the table. This authoritative overview is filled with practical advice to understand key relationships and manage a complex process. Library directors, professionals, administrators, and trustees will get expert answers to their questions:

  • Who does what, and by when?
  • What are the responsibilities on both sides?
  • When and how do deliverables get enumerated?
  • How do you create a realistic budget for new library construction?
  • Are there secrets to sustainable "green" design in the library?

    Checklists and sample construction documents provide hands-on insights into the best practices in library construction and tools to do the job. From deciding on new construction, analyzing the site, to working with architects, evaluating the process and assessing the building's effectiveness, Managing Your Library's Construction Project is an inspirational and comprehensive must-have reference.

  • Preface: A Common Language

    1    First Things First
    2    When to Use an Architect
    3    Anatomy of a Project
    4    Programming
    5    Site Analysis
    6    Building Design
    7    Construction Documents
    8    Bidding
    9    Construction Administration
    10    Postconstruction
    11    Finding, Selecting, and Hiring an Architect
    12    Project Delivery
    13    Sustainable Design
    14    Project Costs and Building Costs

    Epilogue: The Great Circle Route

    A    Sample Request for Qualifications: Architectural Ser¬vices
    B    Sample Request for Proposals: Construction Manager as Advisor Ser¬vices
    C    Sample Advertisement for Bids
    D    Sample Punch List
    E    Sample Program Summary
    F    Sample Proposed Scope of Work



    Richard C. McCarthy, AIA

    Richard C. McCarthy, AIA,is a principal with Burnidge Cassell Associates, where he serves as a library architect and leads BCA's library design team. He has built, remodeled, and renovated numerous libraries. He is a popular speaker on library building and renovation issues at conferences of the Public Library Association, American Library Association and Illinois Library Association. He is also the author of Designing Better Libraries. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, Illinois and recently led a successful referendum campaign for Gail Borden's new 150,000 square foot library facility.

    "From librarian-project manager to library staff consultant, there is much value in this book, which will be useful to anyone involved in a library construction project."
    --Australian Library Journal

    "McCarthy's dual perspective makes this guide invaluable to library managers, staff and trustees--or anyone who is involved in large or small library building projects."

    "Should be considered a 'must read' for library directors and staff members before undertaking a library construction project of any size."
    --Midwest Book Review