Managing Outsourcing in Library and Information Services:

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In addition to achieving cost-savings, outsourcing the right services and functions can free both professional and support staff to meet users’ information needs. Pantry and Griffiths outline the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and propose a model for assessing organizational needs, performing an information audit, and deciding what should be outsourced. Step-by-step guidance is provided for scheduling the agreement, selecting a supplier, writing the contract, negotiating terms and keeping service on target. This comprehensive guide covers the legal aspects including ownership of outsourced products and services; the content of licenses; and dealing with problems and service failure. Special sections discuss preserving users’ satisfaction including educating them in the use of outsourced services, receiving feedback, handling dissatisfaction and preserving the integrity and reputation of the library. The outsourcing debate remains highly relevant to library and information services. By tackling it successfully with this resource, you will not only ensure that your service is perceived as a strategic asset but will also enhance its day-to-day efficiency and effectiveness.