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Electronic resource management encompasses much more than turning on and off resources and tracking usage. This guide provides advice on the tools and best practices to help you tackle heavy workloads while saving time, effort, and money. Chapters include:
  • Coping with Economic Issues
  • Acquiring Electronic Resources
  • Negotiating Resource Licensing
  • Reconciling with Payment Systems
  • Making Electronic Resources Accessible
  • Gathering, Evaluating and Communicating Statistical Usage Information
  • Changing Staff to Facilitate the Shift to Electronic
  • Looking Ahead from Now to 2020
Within these chapters, you'll find a host of innovative ideas to help you, your employees or co-workers, get the job done with ease. You'll learn how to track and assign staff tasks electronically, accumulate and assimilate information from departmental and interdepartmental meetings, manage email and written correspondence, track renewals, evaluate and negotiate license agreements. 
You'll also discover how to manage all this information with free applications and software, or with programs already on your office computer. This includes using Excel to keep electronic stats, tracking vendor contact information in Access, and create a database detailing ILL permissions and restrictions. You'll also find out how to use Google Docs, Forms, and Calendar to track information about renewals, statistics, and problem reporting.
Informative, useful, current, Managing Electronic Resources: A LITA Guide shows how to successfully manage time, resources, and relationships with vendors and staff to ensure personal, professional, and institutional success.
List of Illustrations
1 Learning the Basics of Electronic Resource Management
Ryan O. Weir
2 Coping with Economic Issues and a Paradigm Shift in Collections
Regina Koury
3 Acquiring Electronic Resources
Denise Pan
4 Licensing Electronic Resources and Contract Negotiation
Ryan O. Weir
5 Making Electronic Resources Accessible
George Stachokas
6 Gathering, Evaluating, and Communicating Statistical Usage Information for Electronic Resources
Geoffrey Timms
7 Staffing Changes to Facilitate the Shift to Electronic Resources
Denise Pan
8 Looking Ahead from Now to 2020
George Stachokas
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About the Editor and Contributors


Ryan O. Weir

Ryan O. Weir is Assistant Professor, Director of Technical Services and Electronic Resources, for Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He manages the technical services unit for University Libraries and also serves as electronic resources librarian for his institution. He is interested in finding ways to help the library community and the community of vendors and publishers to increase effective and fruitful communication about resources and services, believing that strengthening these relationships will be vital to the continued success of both organizations.

Library and Information Technology Association (LITA)

The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a division of ALA, educates, serves and reaches out to its members, other ALA members and divisions, and the entire library and information community through its publications, programs and other activities designed to promote, develop, and aid in the implementation of library and information technology.

"Highly informative. The content should prove to be applicable to all library types and useful to electronic resources managers in general, whether a novice or an expert."
--Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

"The book is quite readable, and it is possible to focus on a particular subject and use that part of the guide alone. For example, the chapter on statistical information-measuring resource usage is one that may be useful to those with experience in e-resource management, whereas other chapters are designed for those new to the area … this book is a useful guide full of practical advice for managing electronic resources, especially for someone new to the field."
--Australian Library Journal

"Provides a consistently first-rate guide on an increasingly important field of modern librarianship ... The information presented in this book will be an asset to any library professional interested in developing electronic resource management skills for themselves or as a program for the workplace right now."
— Public Libraries