Library Technology Reports

Published by ALA TechSource, Library Technology Reports helps librarians make informed decisions about technology products and projects. Library Technology Reports publishes eight issues annually and provides thorough overviews of current technology. Reports are authored by experts in the field and may address the application of technology to library services, offer evaluative descriptions of specific products or product classes, or cover emerging technology. Find out more information on this publication and how you can subscribe here.

Products by Library Technology Reports: 
Image for Using Web Analytics in the Library--PDF e-book
Image for Digital Media Labs in Libraries—eEditions e-book
Image for The Library Mobile Experience: Practices and User Expectations—eEditions e-book
Image for Using WordPress as a Library Content Management System--eEditions e-book
Image for Moving Forward with Digital Disruption: What Big Data, IoT, Synthetic Biology, AI, Blockchain, and Platform Businesses Mean to Libraries
Image for RFID in Libraries: A Step toward Interoperability--eEditions e-book
Image for Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE)--eEditions e-book
Image for Opening Up Library Systems through Web Services and SOA: Hype, or Reality?--eEditions e-book
Image for Big-Deal Serial Purchasing: Tracking the Damage—eEditions PDF e-book
Image for Linked Data Tools: Connecting on the Web--eEditions e-book
Image for Digital Media and Library Instruction
Image for Resource Sharing in Libraries: Concepts, Products, Technologies, and Trends--eEditions e-book
Image for Making Libraries Accessible: Adaptive Design and Assistive Technology--eEditions e-book
Image for Learning Management Systems: Tools for Embedded Librarianship
Image for Video Accessibility
Image for Library Privacy Policies
Image for 3-D Printers for Libraries—eEditions e-book
Image for Social Media Curation
Image for Library Linked Data: Early Activity and Development
Image for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
Image for Privacy and Freedom of Information in 21st-Century Libraries--eEditions e-book
Image for Rethinking Reference and Instruction with Tablets--eEditions e-book
Image for Creating Adaptable Digital Preservation Workflows
Image for Data Visualization with R for Digital Collections
Image for The No Shelf Required Guide to E-book Purchasing--eEditions e-book
Image for Embedded Librarianship: Tools and Practices--eEditions e-book
Image for Social Media Curation--e-book
Image for Libraries and the Mobile Web--eEditions e-book
Image for The Transforming Public Library Technology Infrastructure--PDF e-book
Image for Virtual Voice Assistants
Image for Library Technology Reports, Understanding the Semantic Web and RDA Vocabularies--eEditions e-book
Image for Librarians' Assessments of Automation Systems: Survey Results, 2007–2010--eEditions e-book
Image for 3-D Printers for Libraries
Image for Technological Innovation: Perceptions and Definitions--eEditions PDF e-book
Image for E-book Platforms for Libraries--eEditions eBook
Image for Hope, Hype and VoIP: Riding the Library Technology Cycle--eEditions e-book
Image for Gadgets and Gizmos: Personal Electronics and the Library--eEditions e-book
Image for Privacy and Security Online: Best Practices for Cybersecurity
Image for The Concept of Electronic Resource Usage in Libraries--eEditions e-book
Image for Maximizing Google Analytics: Six High-Impact Practices--eEditions e-book
Image for Streaming Video Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Research—eEditions e-book
Image for Electronic Resource Management Systems: A Workflow Approach—eEditions e-book
Image for Coding for Librarians: Learning by Example
Image for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Libraries
Image for Digital Legacy
Image for Privacy and Freedom of Information in 21st-Century Libraries
Image for Library Linked Data: Research and Adoption—eEditions e-book
Image for Building the Digital Branch: Guidelines for Transforming Your Library Website--eEditions e-book
Image for Consolidation of the Library Technology Industry
Image for Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services--e-book
Image for Mastering Mobile through Social Media: Creating Engaging Content on Instagram and Snapchat
Image for Analyzing the Next-Generation Catalog--eEditions e-book
Image for Planning and Implementing a Sustainable Digital Preservation Program
Image for Micro-credentials and Digital Badges
Image for One Country One Library
Image for Web Scale Discovery Services--eEditions e-book
Image for Combating Fake News in the Digital Age
Image for Mobile Technology in Libraries
Image for Running the Digital Branch: Guidelines for Operating the Library Website--eEditions e-book
Image for Rethinking Library Linking: Breathing New Life into OpenURL--eEditions e-book
Image for Librarians as Online Course Designers and Instructors