Library Networks on the New Millennium: Top Ten Trends: ASCLA Changing Horizons Series #3

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Just like Letterman's Top Ten List, this book is a wonderful list of issues that multitype library networks need to know in order to succeed in the new decade. The chapters have been written by library leaders: Gregory Pronevitz, David Simmons, Sondra Vandermark, Connie Paul, Jeanette Smithee, Peter Hamon, Nancy Bolt, Karen Hyman, Ethel Himmel and Bill Wilson, and Ellen Miller. The subjects covered include electronic information, restructuring, distance education, buying clubs and cooperatives, skilled workers, diversifying funding, collaboration, one-stop shopping, accountability, and extraordinary service.

Network boards, members, and staff can use this book as an example of a process for collecting trends and using them to initiate discussions about the future. The book can also be used as a ready-made list for use by networks (or others) in planning. A collection of case studies is included that shows how networks are already addressing trends that can stimulate creative thinking. Each chapter includes substantial references to trend literature for those who wish to read more.

This book successfully builds upon the shared characteristics and concerns of all multitype networks to provide a precise and concise overview for network administrators and decision makers concerning the future of their organizations.

Top Ten Trends
Complex, Rapidly Changing Electronic Information Environment: Vendor and User Trends in the Library, by Gregory Pronevitz
2. Restructuring Work, by David Simmons
3. Complete Rethinking of Education: The Effects of Distance Education on Library Networks/Consortia in the Next Five Years, by Sondra Vandermark
4. Growth in Buying Clubs and Cooperatives: None of My Members Wants to Pay Full Price for Anything!, by Connie Paul
5. High Demand for Skilled Workers: Who's Minding the (Information) Store?, by Jeannette Smithee
6. Diversifying Funding: But Will it Turn a Profit? Some Thoughts About Entrepreneurialism for Library Systems, by Peter Hamon
7. Collaboration, Partnering, and Community Building: Their Impact on Multitype Cooperatives, by Nancy Bolt
8. One-Stop Shopping: Struggling in a One-Stop Home-Shopping World, or People Want What They Want When They Want it (Don't You)?, by Karen Hyman
9. Accountability for Results, by Ethel Himmel and Bill Wilson
10. Demand for Extraordinary Service: What Network Trustees Had Better Consider!, by Ellen Miller
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Sara Laughlin

Sara Laughlin is president of Sara Laughlin & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in customer-focused, future-oriented planning, evaluation, and continuous improvement. In her 30-plus years as a librarian, she has worked as a reference librarian, branch manager, consortium director, library school faculty, and as a library trustee. Her consulting clients include public and academic libraries, school districts, State librarians and regional consortia, as well as foundations and other non-profits.