The Librarian's Guide to Graphic Novels for Adults:

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Graphic novels are not just for kids – in fact the average age of the comic reader is estimated to be between 25 and 35! This hip new resource- from the acclaimed author of The Librarian’s Guide to Graphic Novels for Children and Tweens David Serchay- is an in-depth guide to understanding, building, and managing an optimal collection of graphic novels that is targeted to please the format’s many dedicated adult fans.

The book provides a helpful overview of the increasingly important role that graphic novels play in collection development. Serchay covers both American and foreign works, and provides invaluable insight into their growing use in university and higher education settings, as well as their historical content, use in targeted library programs, and of course, their ties to popular media and entertainment. There is also instruction for deciding exactly which novels to purchase, how best to manage your collection, and tips for displaying and promoting books to your patrons. Plus, you’ll find guidance for dealing with common issues that may arise, like knowing which graphic novels might be inappropriate for younger readers, as well as an invaluable list of recommended purchases, further reading and electronic resources.