Jenny S. Bossaller

Jenny S. Bossaller is Associate Professor at the University of Missouri's School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. She earned her MA in Library Science in 2005, worked at the MOBIUS consortium from 2005 - 2008, and earned a PhD in Information Science and Learning Technologies in 2010. She has been active in state, national and international conferences and committees, including Missouri Library Association (MLA), ALA, ALISE, ASISandT, and IFLA. She has served on the editorial board of RUSQ for the past four years. Her scholarship covers a wide range of topics, such as free speech, public librarians' role in the Affordable Care Act, library management, equity, education, indigenous knowledge, and reference work. Her teaching focuses on information access, public libraries, and intellectual freedom. She is the co-PI on the Public Library Leadership (PuLL) project, which aims to develop new public librarian leaders with an awareness of community needs, and which involves work with many public librarians across Missouri.

Products by Jenny S. Bossaller: 
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