Gregory S. Hunter

Dr. Gregory S. Hunter is both a Certified Records Manager and a Certified Archivist. In August 2004, he was elected a fellow of the Society of American Archivists (SAA), and two of his books have received awards from SAA. Since January 1990, Dr. Hunter has been a professor in the Palmer School of Library and Information Science. He previously served as manager of corporate records for ITT Corporation and director of archival programs for the United Negro College Fund. From 2004-2009, Dr. Hunter served as the principal archivist and records manager on a team headed by Lockheed Martin to build an electronic records archives (ERA) for the National Archives and Records Administration. The team was awarded a $308 million contract in September 2005. Dr. Hunter is co-inventor on four patents in the area of digital preservation submitted by the project team in the United States and the European Union.  Dr. Hunter has been Editor of The American Archivist, the peer-reviewed journal of SAA, since 2012.