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Library issues are community issues—it's not enough to simply marshal internal library resources to fight cutbacks. When properly harnessed, public engagement can be the most powerful force of all for library advocacy. But rounding up advocates from the wider community and conducting a grassroots effort demands careful planning and commitment. This ALA Editions Special Report cuts through the rhetoric and gets straight to modeling a plan of action, for libraries big and small, by

  • Detailing the lessons learned during the authors' successful campaign to save New York City libraries
  • Instructing readers how to clarify the message, manage volunteers, and plan events
  • Offering public relations strategies, including advice for dealing with political leaders and the media

This indispensable report goes beyond the "what-to-do" of library advocacy and explains how to do it right.

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1 Getting Started
2 Message and Visibility
3 Navigating Relationships
4 Putting Yourself Out There: The Nuts and Bolts of Advocacy
About the Authors

Lauren Comito

Lauren Comito is an Outreach Librarian for Queens Library, helping people understand and embrace technology as well as assisting them in job readiness and locating employment. She has recently been elected as an ALA Councilor at Large, and has been appointed to the Committee on Library Advocacy. As Director of Communications and Operations for Urban Librarians Unite, she is a key figure in modern urban library activism and has been instrumental in developing an organization which has received national attention while scoring advocacy victories at home.

Aliqae Geraci

Aliqae Geraci is the Industrial and Labor Relations Research Librarian at Cornell University's Martin P. Catherwood Library. A former public librarian and labor union researcher, she serves on the Board of Directors of Urban Librarians Unite.

Christian Zabriskie

Christian Zabriskie is the Assistant Coordinator of Young Adult Services for Queens Library. He is also the Founder & CEO of Urban Librarians Unite, a not for profit corporation dedicated to promoting dialog between urban librarians, fostering scholarship in issues of urban librarianship, and helping libraries at risk regardless of size or location. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

"This thorough primer on library activism presents practical advice gleaned from the authors' first-hand experience saving the New York City public libraries on a shoestring budget. They share their hard-won lessons in entering the public political fray, making us privy not only to their triumphs but also to their mistakes and misgivings … This guide to library advocacy was fun to read and extremely thorough; the authors left no stone unturned in their earnest recommendations yet maintained a humorous tone throughout. Although intended mainly for public libraries, many aspects of the book would be eminently useful to any type of library mounting a campaign."
--Public Services Quarterly

"This is an easy-to-read, not-to-be-put-off-until-later volume that clearly presents a program of creating awareness and appreciation for your library service … it [is] clearly time librarians took action, and this is the book that can help those seeking to save their library, their job or their right to access quality information, whether it is in a local public library or a specialized library."
--Australian Library Journal