Fang-tastic Fiction: Twenty-First Century Paranormal Reads--print/e-book Bundle

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"What's good besides Twilight?"

Answer frequently asked questions such as this with the help of Mathews' engaging tour through today's spooky lit. Readers will be able to search "read-alike" lists for series featuring their favorite "creatures" with up-to-date, chronological lists of series titles and summaries. Librarians will be able to suggest a multitude of adventures starring angst-ridden heartthrobs, superheroes, and champions. Focused exclusively on the best of the best, this lively readers' advisory

  • Rates each series on a scale of 1 - 5 for levels of violence, sensuality, and humor
  • Contains more than 200 annotated entries
  • Enables book selection by type, character, series, and author
  • Lists all the volumes in a favorite series together and offers numerous read-alikes

Designed to keep librarians and readers up-to-date with the hottest contemporary supernatural beings in adult literature, Fang-tastic Fiction is both fun to read and easy to use.


1. Read-Alikes: Categorizing the Series

Categorized by Plot

Soul-Mate Romance
Urban Fantasy
Chick Lit
Cozy Mystery

Categorized by Protagonist's Gender


Categorized by Protagonist's Type

Werewolf or Other Shape-Shifter
Hunter of Demons, Vampires, or Werewolves
Investigator or Detective
Fae or Other Supernatural Creatures
Witch, Wiccan, Wizard, Shaman, Sorcerer, Exorcist, Necromancer, Magician
Human with Supernatural Connection or Talent

Categorized by Level of Violence

0–2 (Little or No Violence)
4–5 (Very Violent)

Categorized by Level of Sensuality

0–2 (Little or No Sex)
4–5 (Lots of Graphic Sex)

Categorized by Level of Humor

0–2 (Little or No Humor)
4–5 (Lots of Laughs)

2. Series Descriptions

3. Anthologies

Web Resources

Patricia O'Brien Mathews

"Paranormal lovers and urban fantasy fans, here's a special Halloween treat for you ... with humor and a great love for the genre, Mathews focuses on 'the best of the best' in modern supernatural fiction series, like Sookie Stackhouse and Anita Blake."
--RT Book Reviews

"Fang-tastic Fiction is a must-have for everyone: die-hard fans of the genre, beginners, and parents wondering what sort of books their teens are devouring. It's an invaluable resource (and not just because I'm in it!)."
--MaryJanice Davidson, New York Times best-selling author of Undead and Unfinished

"It is a great primer for anyone who doesn't read a lot of paranormal fiction and wants to increase their knowledge of this popular genre. Paranormal aficionados will enjoy it as well because they will learn about titles they might have missed. Overall, this book is highly recommended for all public libraries."
The Idaho Librarian

"This is a great way to find read-alikes, particularly if your reader prefers tongue firmly in cheek when selecting ... most readers advisory desk staff will agree that this guide is much-needed and will be heavily used."

"She gives a handy introduction to each series, and her subdivisions and content ratings are useful, especially given the number of works which contain graphic material. Paranormal fiction is an increasingly popular genre, but it is likely that the librarian, unless a fan personally, will have heard of comparatively few of these authors and series, and will be able to discuss them with or recommend them to readers even less often. This is, of course, where Fang-tastic Fiction comes in."
--The Australian Library Journal