Explore (Shared Foundations Series)

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Explore takes readers on a journey through the broad and varied territory of school librarianship, sharing resources, ideas, and trends to help along the way. This guide is designed so that readers can Explore their practice on their own or with colleagues—so grab your compass, backpack, and boots and hit the trails! This book offers

  • a deeper understanding of the Explore Shared Foundation, including how to connect to traditional practices while moving the school library profession forward; 
  • an examination of how the Competencies in the Explore Shared Foundation relate to other major ideas and concepts in school librarianship and the wider field of education; and
  • ready-to-implement professional development programming for school librarians and those who support school librarians, including administrators, supervisors, and university educators.

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Series Introduction
AASL Standards Integrated Framework: Explore
Preface: The Spirit of Librarianship 

Introduction: Developing a Compass for Professional Learning
Part I: Compass
Chapter 1: Traditional Strengths
Chapter 2: Contemporary Opportunities

Part II: Backpack
Chapter 3: Learning Commons
Chapter 4: Inquiry-Based Learning
Chapter 5: Growth Mindset and Grit
Chapter 6: The Maker Movement
Chapter 7: Personalized Learning

Part III: Boots
Chapter 8: From New Learning to Action
Chapter 9: Your Explore Planning Guide
Chapter 10: The Journey to Implementation
Conclusion: Landmarks in the Shared Foundations

  • Appendix A: Navigating the Explore Competencies
  • Appendix B: Workshopping the Explore Planning Guide

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About the Author

Sarah Culp Searles

Sarah Culp Searles is supervisor of library media services for the Knox County Schools in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has served in multiple leadership roles for professional associations, including on the AASL Board of Directors and as chair of the Knowledge Quest editorial board. Sarah is a Lilead Fellow and in 2018 was named a distinguished administrator by the Tennessee Association of School Librarians. She is a frequent speaker and professional development facilitator at the local, state, and national levels, especially on topics related to school library instruction, collaboration, and leadership. Her articles on school libraries have been published in Knowledge Quest and School Library Connection.

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