Exploiting Knowledge in Health Services:

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An integral part of delivering high-quality patient care in health and medical services is the proper management and exploitation of knowledge by librarians and information professionals. Recent changes in the structure of Health care—including new forms of service, new leadership models, new digital communications, new education standards, and increased government involvement—have made this a formidable challenge. Through twenty-one chapters, leaders in health sciences information give expert comment on the changes, advice on the new principles of knowledge management, instruction in the skills necessary for future success and considerations for what is to come in the profession. Significant sections on health and social care interfaces, virtual outreach services, clinical librarianship, managing projects, working collaboratively, staff development, portal and gateway creation, intellectual property, Web page construction, and funding sources make this a comprehensive and valuable survey of modern health and medical information services. This is an essential book for medical librarians, medical research specialists, or anyone required to master health information.