Essential Cataloguing

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Mystified by main entry? Confused by corporate bodies? Can't tell a description from an access point? Then this is the book for you. Bowman covers descriptive cataloging and has designed this book as a simple companion to AACR2. He concentrates on the basic with a clear and informal approach. This book shows you that most items can be dealt with by using comparatively few of the rules, and that many of the more abstruse ones can be ignored until you need them. It is fully cross-referenced to AACR2 and takes account of latest AACR2 revisions (2002), and concentrates on the materials most Anglo-American libraries are most likely to catalog. Essential for library school students, beginning catalogers -- any information professional who finds that they have to catalog and have forgotten how.

"Bowman succeeds in leading us through the complexities of AACR2 in a very accessible and readable manner. This text will certainly meet the needs of beginner and novice catalogers."

--Managing Information
"This is an easy-to-read, informally written book ... useful in school libraries and public libraries."

"Practical advice on analyzing materials for classification throughout, as well as exercises."
--Reference and Research Book News
"This resource distinguishes itself from other similar books by its numerous exercises and activities that provide readers with knowledge and experience in working with various classifying schemes. This is an excellent introduction to the subject and noteworthy for its clarity, accessibility, and practical content."
"If you are in the market for a classification and cataloging textbook, take a look at this one .... Recommended for cataloging faculty, library school students, and cataloging support staff."
--Library Journal