Ebooks and the School Library Program: A Practical Guide for the School Librarian

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Whether you have an interest in starting an ebook collection for your school library program or are working on enhancing an ebook collection you've already established, this handbook is for you. The world of ebooks is both vast and intricate. Exploring the many articles concerning ebook publication, vendors, devices, and copyright laws can be overwhelming. The writers of Ebooks and the School Library Program have organized their learning to share with their peers from several years of building ebook collections for their individual school library programs. This guide will help familiarize school librarians with ebooks and facilitate decision-making about their ebook collections in a rapidly changing landscape.

Chapter 1: What is an Ebook?
Chapter 2: Sources of Ebooks
Chapter 3: Why Purchase Ebooks?
Chapter 4: Ebooks and Self-Publishing
Chapter 5: Ebook Devices
Chapter 6: Device Distribution and Technological Factors
Chapter 7: Ebook Circulation/Access
Chapter 8: Developing an Ebook Collection
Chapter 9: Ebook Acquisition
Chapter 10: One-Time ‘Purchase' or Annual Subscription?
Chapter 11: Cataloging Ebooks
Chapter 12: Budgetary Factors
Chapter 13: Librarian Support Groups—Learning From Peers
Chapter 14: Legal and Ethical Considerations
Chapter 15: Fast-Changing Landscape
Chapter 16: Musings: Larger Philosophical Questions, Future Challenges, Concerns, and Developments
Chapter 17: Conclusion
Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Publications from AASL
Appendix C: AASL Position Statement on Digital Content and E-books in School Library Collections
Appendix D: Glossary
Appendix E: Index
Appendix F: Tables and Figures

Cathy Leverkus

Cathy Leverkus, AASL member since 1997, is the Director of Library and Information Services at the Willows Community School, a developmental K-8 school in Culver City, California. She has been developing fiction and nonfiction e-book collections for the faculty and students at The Willows since 2009, and has written articles on using book apps to supplement the curriculum for Library Media Connection. Cathy is on the board of the Independent School Library Exchange (ISLE), a professional group in Los Angeles, which is where she met Shannon Acedo.

Shannon Acedo

Shannon Acedo, AASL member since 1986, is the Chair of the Department of Library and Technology at the Harvard-Westlake Upper School in Studio City, California. She has been a school librarian at both middle and high school levels in the Los Angeles area since 1986. Shannon has served as president of the Independent School Library Exchange (ISLE), a professional group in Los Angeles, and on the board of the Association of Independent School Librarians (AISL).

American Association of School Librarians (AASL)

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), promotes the improvement and extension of library program services in elementary and secondary schools as a means of strengthening the total education program. Its mission is to empower leaders to transform teaching and learning.