Digital Resources and Librarians: Case Studies in Innovation, Invention, and Implementation

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This book also provides an overview and analysis of how the rise of digital resources for information services, collection development, and professional development has affected the professional work process of librarians.

Foreword ix
Dane Ward
Acknowledgments xiii
Patricia O.Brien Libutti
Introduction xv
Patricia O.Brien Libutti

Section One: The Digital Reflectors: The Impact of Digital Resources on Library
Public Services
Chapter One: McDonaldization in Cyberspace: Examining 1
Commercial Education Web Sites
Brian Quinn
Chapter Two: Indexing Electronic Journals in Education: Exploring 17
Notions of Digital Resources in Virtual Spaces
Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh
Chapter Three: The Importance of the Reference Interview in a 30
Digital Information Environment
Patricia O.Brien Libutti and Roberta Tipton
Chapter Four: Teacher-Centered Information Literacy Instruction: 45
Delivering Web-based Tools to Practicing Teachers in Graduate Education
Anne Fields

Section Two: The Digital Producers: Case Studies in Innovation, Invention, and
Chapter Five: The Development and Use of the Education Library 56
Tutorial: A Web-based Tutorial for Preservice Teachers
Penny Beile
Chapter Six: Considerations for Creating, Implementing and 68
Maintaining Information Literacy Tutorials and Courses in the Subject Areas
Lori A. Mestre
Chapter Seven: net.TUTOR: Teaching Useful Techniques for 84
Online Research
Nancy O.Hanlon
Chapter Eight: Upgrading an Education Library.s Web Site 91
John Hickok
Chapter Nine: Occasions of Sin: Designing an Online Plagiarism Lesson 103
Eileen Stec
Chapter Ten: The ACT Archive: Building and Teaching an 112
Electronic Resource in the Special Library Context
Jacqueline Snider
Chapter Eleven: WebQuests and Children.s Literature: Inquiry-based 120
Internet Lessons
Sara Bushong
Chapter Twelve: Interaction for Information Literacy: Using 128
Partnerships and Technology to Teach Information Literacy
Lesley S. J. Farmer
Chapter Thirteen: The Educational Testing Service.s Test Collection 140
Janet Williams and Karen McQuillen
Chapter Fourteen: Education Book Reviews/Education Reviews: 147
Building a Review Resource on the World Wide Web
Kate Corby
Chapter Fifteen: Education Headlines: Bringing Current Events 155
to the Educator.s Desktop
Laura K. Brendon
Chapter Sixteen: PBS TeacherSource©: Resources for K.12 Teachers 164
Carrie Lowe
Chapter Seventeen : Developing an Online Scholarly Journal 175
Charles Webber

Section Three: Digital Resources and Librarians: Harvesting Evaluating, and
Preparing Core Collections on the World Wide Web (Online)
Chapter Eighteen: Education on the World Wide Web: 187
A Core Collection of Digital Resources
Soraya Magalhaes-Willson
Chapter Nineteen: Digital Resources and the Law: Web Sites 202
for Librarians and Educators
Stephanie Tama-Bartels and Patricia O.Brien Libutti
Chapter Twenty: A Webliography of Web-based Lesson Plan Resources 210
Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Chapter Twenty-one: Web Sites on Education from around the World 218
Patricia O.Brien Libutti, Sheila Kirven, and The WorldED
Librarian Cohort
Chapter Twenty-two: Education Statistics on the World Wide Web: 233
A Core Collection of Resources
Scott Walter, Doug Cook, and Instruction for Educators Committee,
Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, ACRL
Chapter Twenty-three: Electronic Journals for the Education Library: 242
A Classified List of Resources Related to K-12 Education
Linda G. Geller
Chapter Twenty-four: Web-based Tools for Teachers 257
Judi Repman, Randy Carlson, and Elizabeth Downs
Chapter Twenty-five: Federal and State Government Web Sites for 266
Children and Adolescents
Janet Stoeger Wilke and Diana J. Keith
Chapter Twenty-six: Networking with NASA 273
Judith A. Walker
Chapter Twenty-seven: Digital Resources and the Librarian: Analysis 294
and Conclusions
Patricia O.Brien Libutti

Appendix 1: ACRL Information Literacy Standards 311
Appendix 2: AASL Information Power Standards 312
Appendix 3: Big 6. Model 314
Appendix 4: Resources: Links to Sites in Printed Chapters 316
One through Eighteen
Contributors 329
Credits and Permissions 341

Patricia O'Brien Libutti