Digital Libraries and Information Access: Research Perspectives

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Offering an authoritative and truly global exploration of current research in digital libraries, in this book a blue-ribbon team of internationally renowned academics discuss what has been achieved with digital libraries and what we can expect in the future. Equally informative for LIS students, academics, researchers, and practitioners alike, this collection includes in-depth consideration of such topics as
  • Design and architecture of digital libraries
  • Metadata and crowdsourced data for access and interaction in digital library user interfaces
  • Collaborative search and retrieval in digital libraries
  • Towards socially inclusive digital libraries
  • Users' interactions with digital libraries
  • iSTEM: integrating subject categories from multiple repositories 
  • Intellectual property and digital libraries

Providing an invaluable resource for LIS students, academics and researchers interested in digital libraries and access, it is also a useful introduction to developments for those developing, managing or just starting out with digital libraries.

Christine L. Borgman
1. Digital libraries and information access: introduction 
Gobinda Chowdhury and Schubert Foo
2. Design and architecture of digital libraries 
Hussein Suleman
3. Metadata and crowdsourced data for access and interaction in digital library user interfaces 
Ali Shiri and Dinesh Rathi
4. Information Access 
Gobinda Chowdhury and Schubert Foo
5. Collaborative Search and Retrieval in Digital Libraries 
Dion Hoe-Lian Goh
6. The social element of digital libraries 
Natalie Pang
7. Towards socially inclusive digital libraries 
Chern Li Liew
8. Users' interactions with digital libraries 
T. D. Wilson and Elena Macevičiūtė
9. Digital libraries and scholarly information: technology, market, users and usage 
Jeonghyun Kim, Angel Durr and Suliman Hawamdeh
10. Digital libraries and open access 
Gobinda Chowdhury and Schubert Foo
11. iSTEM: integrating subject categories from multiple repositories 
Christopher C. Yang and Jung-ran Park
12. Usability of digital libraries 
Sudatta Chowdhury
13. Intellectual property and digital libraries 
Michael Fraser
14. Digital preservation: interoperability ad modum 
Milena Dobreva and Raivo Ruusalepp
15. Digital libraries and information access: research trends 
Gobinda Chowdhury and Schubert Foo

G.G. Chowdhury

G.G. Chowdhury is Professor in Information Science at iSchool@northumbria, and Head of the Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences at Northumbria University, UK.

Schubert Foo

Schubert Foo is Professor and Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has served as Board Member of the National Library Board, and the National Archives of Singapore Board, and has also served on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Information Science, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management, and International Yearbook of Library and Information Management, among others. He has published more than 200 international conference and journal papers, book chapters and books in his areas of research in internet and multimedia technology, multilingual information retrieval, digital libraries and knowledge management.

"These discussions not only highlight the impact users have on the creation and development of digital libraries, but they also address the impact social issues such as the digital divide, social inclusion, information literacy and web accessibility have on digital library use and access … a welcome addition to the literature on this topic."
--Online Information Review

"Chowdhury and Foo have shaped a compilation of thoughtful approaches to current issues in digital libraries as they relate to information access. The authors throughout provide numerous opportunities to extend the reader's exploration of these topics by virtue of well-chosen case studies, timely examples, and identified trends, as well as the comprehensive bibliographies included with each chapter."
— Library Resources & Technical Services