Digital Humanities: An Introduction for Librarians

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Facet Publishing, UK
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Librarians have an important role to play in the burgeoning world of Digital Humanities and digital scholarship more widely. This book provides an accessible, introductory guide to digital humanities with the librarian in mind.

Digital Humanities: An Introduction for Librarians gives a brief history of the field, before dives deeper into the digital scholarly activity taking a two-pronged approach, involving active researchers in the field and using real research projects as case studies throughout. The book will:

  • provide an overview of how ‘the digital’ has affected a range of humanities disciplines from literary studies, history to digital musicology;
  • review key tools and methodologies currently used, from digital scholarly editing through social network analysis to 3D modelling of archaeological data;
  • look at existing digital humanities activities that are currently happening in a range of libraries across the UK, Europe and the United States; and
  • look at professional development and training opportunities from digital humanities at library school, staff training and development, including examples of training programs and professional associations.

This book is intended to provide an essential guide to getting up to speed with digital humanities, specifically designed with the librarian in mind.




1. Setting the digital humanities context: a brief history to digital humanities and the role of libraries

2. Digital scholarship in the humanities: insights from the disciplines

3. Scholarly methods in the digital humanities

4. Getting DiRTy with Research Tools: a Guide for Librarians

5. Digital scholarship in the humanities: an overview of tools and methods

6. Digital humanities and the library: key initiatives 

7. Digital humanities and the library: key initiatives 

8. Getting involved: opportunities for librarians


Sally Chambers

Sally Chambers is Digital Humanities Research Coordinator, Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, UK.