Developing and Managing Electronic Collections: The Essentials

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The complex issues associated with developing and managing electronic collections deserve special treatment, and library collection authority Peggy Johnson rises to the challenge with a book sure to become a benchmark for excellence. Providing comprehensive coverage of key issues and decision points, she offers advice on best practices for developing and managing these important resources for libraries of all types and sizes. With an emphasis on practical solutions that will provide effective and timely access to online resources for library users, she presents an in-depth look at 
  • The fundamentals of electronic resource planning, selection, and evaluation
  • The evolving world of acquisition options, licenses, and contracts
  • Fostering and maintaining positive relationships with vendors and publishers
  • Budgeting and financial considerations, with guidance on how to collaborate across library organizational lines to acquire and manage e-content more efficiently
Tips, informational sidebars, and suggested reading lists accompany each chapter, and an extensive glossary defines essential terms and concepts.
Examination copies are available for instructors who are interested in adopting this title for course use.
chapter 1
Overview of the Evolving Electronic Collections Environment 
chapter 2
Selecting and Evaluating E-resources for Libraries
chapter 3
Selection and Order Placement
chapter 4
Licenses for E-content 
chapter 5
Conducting Business with E-content and Service Suppliers
chapter 6
Working across Organizational Units to Acquire and Manage E-resources 
chapter 7
Budgeting and Financial Considerations
chapter 8
The Future of E-content in Libraries and a Few Concluding Thoughts 

Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson is a frequent speaker and trainer on collection development and management. She has published several books, including ALA Editions’ Developing and Managing Electronic Collections: The Essentials, and numerous journal articles. She edited the peer-reviewed journal Library Resources & Technical Services for more than nine years and continues to edit Technicalities: Information Forum for the Technical Services Professional. She teaches as an adjunct professor in the MLIS program at St. Catherine University. Prior to retiring from the University of Minnesota Libraries, she served as associate university librarian. During more than thirty years at the University of Minnesota, her responsibilities focused on collection development and management, technical services, institutional planning, grants management, and budgeting. A past president of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), she received the ALCTS Ross Atkinson Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. Peggy has consulted on library development in Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Morocco, and China.

"The book is not intended to be exhaustive in its coverage. Rather, it chooses key issues (the selection and evaluation of e-resources, order placement, licenses, budgeting) and provides advice and practical solutions for developing and managing the e-resources currently owned … This book works well in conjunction with Marie R. Kennedy and Cheryl LaGuardia's Marketing Your Library's Electronic Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians. Selectors of e-content in all libraries will benefit from this book."
--Library Journal

"This short volume is a must-read for librarians who are just starting to explore how electronic collections will affect their libraries, and it would be a solid choice for most librarians currently working with electronic collections."

"From budgeting to handling vendors and publishers, this covers everything a librarian needs to know about the entire process, and is a pick for any professional's collection."
--California Bookwatch

"Johnson provides a commendable overview of some of the basic concepts that newly minted librarians will need to know as they enter the profession ... This title could be useful in several ways: It could be a reference guide for those already working in the field of electronic collections; it is fit to be included into many classes for an MLS curriculum, especially those that are acting as an introduction to the world of collection development; and this work could also be helpful to those who are looking into librarianship as a profession or a recent MLS graduate looking to get some career guidance in the area of building e-collections."
--Journal of Access Services

"Offers an excellent overview of the electronic collections environment for libraries ... Johnson discusses these topics thoroughly but concisely, and provides excellent bibliographical references for further reading. "

"The first chapter is masterful, covering the key events in some sixty years of the development of e-resources without being cursory, and in fact highlighting some interesting details. In the heart of the book, Johnson covers a large range of the most important topics, including current issues of concern to managers of e-resources … I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a short, informed overview of e-resources."
— Feliciter

"Johnson delivers an exceptionally well written and much-needed book about what one must do to get one's library ready for the next frontier: the conversion from a largely print collection to one more heavily oriented toward electronic formats."
— Reference & User Services Quarterly

"Johnson's book provides librarians responsible for managing electronic collections the information they need to gain mastery of their work along with resources for additional study so librarians can go on to advocate for more library-friendly practices from vendors and publishers … it would be an excellent and affordable textbook for a library and information science class."
— Serials Review

"An excellent contribution to the literature on e-resource acquisitions and management … Johnson has written a book relevant to all sizes and types of libraries."
— Library Resources & Technical Services

"Provides an in-depth review of the acquisition and management by libraries of electronic databases, periodicals and books. Discussion of e-book collections is especially thorough in keeping with their recent dramatic growth. As promised, it delivers a great deal of practical information and advice to help librarians navigate the intricate channels and shoals of electronic collections management."
— Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries

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