Cultural Heritage Information: Access and Management

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Featuring contributions by 17 leading academics from around the world, this volume provides an overview of the various challenges and contemporary research activities in cultural heritage information. Starting with an introductory chapter that provides a brief overview of the topic, with a look at policies and infrastructures, the text offers a comprehensive consideration of interaction, access and objects, with numerous examples of concrete system implementations. An important tool for maximizing the availability and longevity of our digital cultural heritage, this book covers such key topics as:

  • Managing digital cultural heritage information 
  • Digital humanities and digital cultural heritage, alt-history and future directions
  • Management of cultural heritage information: policies and practices
  • Cultural heritage information: artifacts and digitization technologies
  • Metadata in cultural contexts, from manga to digital archives in a linked open data environment
  • Information systems architecture
  • Cultural heritage information users and usability
  • A framework for classifying and comparing interactions in cultural heritage information systems
  • Semantic access and exploration in cultural heritage digital libraries
  • Supporting exploration and use of digital cultural heritage materials: the PATHS perspective
  • Sustainability issues

Anyone wanting to stay on the cutting edge of digital libraries, digital humanities, and digital culture will find this volume essential.

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1. Cultural heritage information management issues and challenges
G. G. Chowdhury and Ian Ruthven
2. Cultural heritage information: politics and policies 
Rachel Bruce and Stuart Dempster
3. Cultural heritage information: artifacts and technologies 
Melissa Terras
4. Managing cultural heritage: information systems architecture, indexing and access 
Lighton Phiri and Hussein Sileman
5. Cultural heritage information users 
Claire Warwick
6. Digital humanities and digital cultural heritage (alt-history and future directions) 
Chris Alen Sula
7. A framework for classifying and comparing interactions in cultural heritage information systems
Julianne Stiller and Vivien Petras
8. Semantic access and exploration in cultural heritage digital libraries 
Ali Shiri
9. Users and usability studies of Europeana 
Sudatta Chowdhury and Milena Dobreva
10. Managing cultural heritage information: the PATHS project 
Paul Clough
11. Trends in cultural heritage information management research 
G. G. Chowdhury and Ian Ruthven

Ian Ruthven

Ian Ruthven is Professor of Information Seeking and Retrieval, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Strathclyde.

G. G. Chowdhury

G. G. Chowdhury is Professor of Information and Knowledge Management and Director of the Center for Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. An academic researcher in different parts of the world for over two decades, he has written several books, articles, and conference papers on information retrieval and digital libraries. He has served as an editorial board member of the Journal of Documentation, Library Review, Journal of Information Science, World Digital Libraries and Online Information Review, as well as acting as an international program committee member at various international conferences.

"Provides a number of viewpoints to inform and challenge readers on the primary issues of digital humanities. Academic libraries serving library and information science programs and libraries engaged in digital humanities projects would be advised to consider this book."
— Catholic Library World

"Many timely subjects are addressed in the book that add new perspectives in the context of cultural heritage collections and institutions. This work is thus a valuable contribution to the literature, particularly for an academic audience. "
— Archival Issues

"The global perspective definitely adds to the appeal of the work … this book has great potential as a text for students of digital libraries; its theoretical basis and lack of concentration on any one specific platform make it ideal for classroom use, potentially for years to come."
— Technical Services Quarterly

"A snapshot like this one is incredibly valuable to a reader looking to become quickly acquainted with the field, but it is just as valuable to a researcher or practitioner seeking to contextualize their own work ... does an exceptional job capturing the nuances of managing and providing access to cultural heritage information."
— Technicalities