Collaborate (Shared Foundations Series)

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If your goal is to create a collaborative culture that enhances learning and enriches the entire school community, you’ll want this book! Part of the Shared Foundations series, this book examines effective implementation of the Shared Foundation Collaborate from the National School Library Standards. Readers will discover strategies for establishing deeper connections to school curriculum and mission, activating collaborative opportunities, facilitating learning networks, modeling respect while working in diverse groups, and moving beyond support and resources to instructional partners. Examining the Domains of Think, Create, Share, and Grow reveals the development of the collaborative mindset in learners at different grade levels and how making both physical space and time space contribute to shaping a culture of collaboration across the learning community. Brimming with authentic examples of Collaborate in action, this book offers

  • strategies for strengthening collaborative relationships with administrators and other educators by leading mission-based professional development;  
  • engaging lesson ideas and projects that scaffold learning and promote voice and choice while building the mindset of Collaborate in learners;
  • trajectories for developing Collaborate skills in grades K-12 and mapping or documenting learners’ growth; and
  • complete renovations and smaller incremental changes to school libraries that demonstrate opportunities to rethink learning and create space for collaboration in all settings.  

By understanding what the Shared Foundation of Collaborate can look like in K-12 environments, school librarians can better position themselves as essential to cultivating collaborative learning communities.

Examination copies are available for instructors who are interested in adopting this title for course use.

Series Introduction
AASL Standards Integrated Framework: Collaborate

Introduction: The Complexity of Collaborate
Part I: The School Librarian as the Architect of Collaboration

  • Chapter 1: Designing Collaborative Educator Learning Environments
  • Chapter 2: Moving Beyond Providing Support and Resources
  • Chapter 3: Leading Mission-Based Collaboration

Part II: Student Learners as Mindful Collaborators

  • Chapter 4: Developing the Collaboration Mindset in Learners
  • Chapter 5: Promoting Learner Voice and Choice
  • Chapter 6: Collaborating at Different Grade Levels

Part III: The School Library as the Center of Collaboration

  • Chapter 7: Setting the Stage for Collaboration
  • Chapter 8: Making Time and Space for Collaboration

Conclusion: Drawing Connections between the Shared Foundations
Works Cited

Mary Catherine Coleman

Mary Catherine Coleman is a Lower and Intermediate School Librarian at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago. She earned her Masters’ in Library and Information Sciences from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois and has worked in public and school libraries for the past fourteen years. Recipient of the AASL School Collaboration of the Year Award, she has presented at local, national, and international conferences on school library programming, maker empowerment, and collaboration in school libraries. She documents her work on her blog The Reimagined Library.

"This thought-provoking and lucid volume will kindle ideas and inspire a desire to collaborate across the school. Librarians will want to refer to it often in order to develop their own plan to make the library a place where learners come together."
— School Library Journal

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