The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Yearbook: 2007-08

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CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals represents the largest professional body of librarians and information professionals in the UK. Its mission is to provide the membership organization needed by the library and information profession in the twenty-first century. This unique sourcebook has five main sections.

Part 1 The Organization: Contact information for CILIP in the home nations; Statutory information; Structure of CILIP, with key staff and their contact details.

Part 2 Governance: Honorary Officers; Council, Committees and Panels; and CILIP Royal Charter, Bye-laws and Regulations.

Part 3 General Information: Regional Branches and Special Interest Groups; Medals and Awards; Organizations in Liaison with CILIP; Facilities; and Suppliers Network.

Part 4 Members: the listing of CILIP's membership in the UK and overseas.

Part 5 Historical Information: Essays on the heritage of the Institute of Information Scientists and The Library Association; Listing of Presidents, Secretaries and holders of honorary awards of the IIS and the LA; and Listing of IIS and LA medal and award-winners. An invaluable source of contacts for all librarians and information professionals, this is the essential guide to the organization that aims to position the profession at the heart of the information society.