The Challenge of Library Management: Leading with Emotional Engagement

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Change is inevitable and essential to any functioning institution. But change can be stressful, especially when it upsets established routines and patterns. Library managers need to be able to lead staff through episodes of change while remaining empathetic, and this book shows them how to

  • Engage library staff in the process and encourage their active participation
  • Navigate successfully through common types of change, such as space planning, departmental reorganization, and changes in work responsibilities
  • Draw on concepts from psychology, communication, empowerment, planning, and evaluation to minimize friction

Most workplace changes are not ends in themselves but part of a continuous process of transition. Peppered with short narratives that use real-life examples of change principles, this book helps managers reassure their staff that change can be an opportunity for reflection and personal growth.


Chapter 1 Change in Libraries
Chapter 2 The Human Factor
Chapter 3 Organizational Culture Impact
Chapter 4 Initiating Change Effectively
Chapter 5 Implementing Change Effectively
Chapter 6 Environmental Factors Impacting Success
Chapter 7 Managerial Baggage
Chapter 8 Evaluating the Change and Yourself as a Change Leader
Chapter 9 Change-Specific Challenges


Wyoma vanDuinkerken

Wyoma vanDuinkerken is the coordinator of cataloging record support and an associate professor at Texas A&M University Libraries. She has also been interim head of cataloging staff, coordinator of monographs acquisitions, reference librarian for Islamic studies, and project leader for the implementation of virtual reference at Texas A&M. Before that, she managed documentation and support and customer service response for a library software company in Canada and worked with the Office of Strategic Business Initiatives of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, managing an extensive project portfolio.

Pixey Anne Mosley

Pixey Anne Mosley is the head of collection support services and a professor at Texas A&M University Libraries and has recently served as the interim director of the university's Academic Integrity Office. She has published extensively on management in libraries with articles in Library Leadership & Management and Reference & User Services Quarterly and has authored two previous books, Staying Successful as a Middle Manager and Transitioning from Librarian to Middle Manager. She is currently the co-associate editor for Library Leadership & Management, the official journal of the Library Leadership and Management Association.

"From dealing with the shifting of responsibilities, working with staff, dealing with the several types of change such as reorganizing space, staff restructuring, and more, authors Wyoma Vanduinkerken & Pixey Anne Mosley offer their expertise as professors of the field to use good psychology and communication in making everything work well as a leader of people ... a strongly recommended pick for any librarian leader who expects to see daunting leadership challenges in their future."
--Midwest Book Review

"As a somewhat new director, I wish I had read some of these chapters before starting to reorganize staff and beginning other initiatives that our library has taken on recently. Recommended for librarians who are involved in leading change."
--Catholic Library World

"A concise change leadership treatise that should be required reading in every library and information science graduate program."
--College & Research Libraries