Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian—print/e-book Bundle

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Written and designed to reflect the way people read today, this book is structured to quickly impart simple and cost-effective ideas on marketing your library. Filled with contemporary marketing ideas, the authors provide

  • How-tos of guerrilla marketing
  • Cutting-edge digital marketing practices
  • Benefits of traditional print media

Visually compelling and easy to read, this book will challenge you to market your library in new and original ways.


1 Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A New Paradigm Has Emerged

What Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

What Makes WOMM So Powerful?

Philosophy of WOMM

A Bad Rap for Libraries

Start by Turning On a Flashlight

Basic Elements of WOMM

The Influencers

Create Simple, Easy-to-Communicate Messages

Give Influencers Cool Tools

Host a Conversation

Evaluate and Reevaluate

The New-Media Marketing Manifesto

Libraries and the Long Tail

Types of WOMM That Work Well for Libraries

Buzz Marketing

What Is "Going Viral"?

Community Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Grassroots Marketing

WOMM with Social Networks

2 Bring Your Library to Life with a Story

Why Tell a Story?

Storytelling Is Good for Your Library

Stories Help People Make Sense of Facts

Stories Help Libraries Be Advocates

What Makes a Good Story?

Are Testimonies and Stories the Same Thing?

Telling a Great Story


Beginning: The Setup

Middle: The Confrontation

Ending: The Resolution

Stories for WOMM

Iowa's Telling the Library Story Tool Kit

Beyond Words

Story Banks

Steps to Creating a Story Bank

Stories for Advocacy: Solving Life's Problems

3 How to Market Electronic Resources

How Do We Connect Users with Electronic Resources?

Benefit Statement

Bringing It All Home

Your Databases Provide Rich Content

Marketing Resources through Wikipedia

Bridging Print to Electronic

The New Collection Management

4 Public Relations 101

Be the Press

The New-Media Mix

Strategies for the New Media

Press Release Newswires

Creating a Media List

Creating a Media List for Staff Releases

Posting Press Releases to Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips to Achieve a Higher Ranking

Writing Your Release

First Things First—Is It News?





Human Interest

How to Send Your Release


News Release Format



Fact Sheets

Links to Websites and Blogs


How to Write a Traditional News Release

The Media Advisory

What Kind of Release Should You Send?


Basic AP Style

Listing Events


Sending Your Release through E-mail

Press Releases Don't Always Have to Be about an Event

A Note about Releases for New Ser­vices

Two Tips about Keywords

Get Better Results from Your Releases

Public Ser­vice Announcements—PSAs

General Guidelines for PSAs

Word-Count Estimates for On-Air Time

5 Outreach

Trade Shows

Five Steps to a Successful Show

Set Measurable Goals

Design the Booth

Make Clear Signage with a Simple Message

Train Staff

Follow Up

Image Is Everything

Detailing Your Brand

Taking Why to Wow

6 Advocacy

Call to Action

Make Your Case

Let Other People Tell Their Stories about Your Library

Provide an Opportunity for Supporters to Join Your Cause

Set Up Social Network Pages

Set Up a Media Page

7 The New Marketing Tools

Web 2.0 Tools in a Marketing Mix


Special Interest Blogs

Seven Simple Ways for Libraries to Promote a Blog

To Allow or Not to Allow Comments

Should You Be Blogging?

Are You a Web 2.0 Librarian Living in a 1.0 Library? Don't Fret—It's Easy and Fun to Bring Anyone Up to Date

Need to Convince Yourself to Start a Blog?

Secrets to a Successful Blog

Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

The Next Step: Making a New Marketing Mix around Web 2.0


PowerPoint Presentations




Mobile Phones



Ways to Get Your Flickr Movement Going

Ideas for Using Flickr in Your Library

Examples of Photos to Post

Photo Permission


Questions to Answer When Making a Video

Where to Upload Your Videos



Podcasting—The Next Wave

It's All about You

Content Is Everything

Will They Listen?

To Edit or Not to Edit

Marketing Your Podcast


The Microphone

On the Road

Digital Recording

Tips for Making a Great Podcast

Writing a Script


8 Design

Dollar-Store Solutions

You and Your New Best Friend

Initial Stage of Working with a Designer

The Nitty-Gritty

Review Stage

Choosing a Designer

Working with a Design Firm versus a Freelancer

Finding Stock Photos; or, The Death of Clip Art

Design Terminology

Dots per Inch (DPI)

Vector Images


CMYK versus RGB


Professional Printers versus Ganged Printers versus Office Printers

Ganged Printers

Professional Printers

Office Printers

A Note about Your Marketing and the Web

9 Branding

Brand Czar

Baby Steps to Branding

Quick Branding Fundamentals Checklist

Elements of a Brand

Branded Materials

10 Marketing Best Practices


Getting to Know Your Audience

Be Aware of Marketing and Design Everywhere


Advisory Group

Usability Testing

Corporate Sponsorship

Internal Marketing

Are You Ready to Market?

Demystifying Marketing for Staff

Create a Publication Wall

Hold an Open House

Keep Employees Informed

Succession Planning

Nancy Dowd

Nancy Dowd is director of marketing for the New Jersey State Library, where she incorporates her career experiences as an editor, writer, presenter, and marketer to produce effective and replicable marketing strategies for libraries. Her marketing campaign featuring the Easy Readers calendar transformed the image of librarians and received international attention. Her work has received awards from the American Library Association and the New Jersey Library Association. She is the author of two blogs, The M Word and The Best of Library Videos.

Mary Evangeliste

Mary Evangeliste has more than fifteen years of experience in the fine arts and in libraries. She has taught, lectured, and presented in the areas of art history, librarianship, and marketing for local and national groups including the State Department, the Maryland School of Art and Design, Prince George's Community College, the University of Pittsburgh, the Library Administration and Management Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the ALA. She is the cofounder of Fearless Future and the Director of User Services and Outreach at Musselman Library, Gettysburg College. She holds a BA in art history from Allegheny College and an MLIS in library and information science from the University of Pittsburgh. Mary has been honored with two national library marketing awards, 3M Check-It-Out Yourself Day and ACRL's 2005 Best Practices in Marketing Academic and Research Libraries @ your library Award.

Jonathan Silberman

Jonathan Silberman is an award-winning graphic designer who helps nonprofits and educational institutions develop marketing and identity systems. Before cofounding his design and marketing consulting firm, Fearless Future, with his business partner, Mary Evangeliste, he worked as a freelance designer for more than seven years. His first experience as the main designer for the marketing team at American University Library was honored by ACRL with the 2005 Best Practices in Marketing Academic and Research Libraries @ your library Award. In his current position as American University's graphic designer, Jonathan has been fundamental in creating three very successful comprehensive marketing campaigns. Jonathan's designs have been used in international and national library presentations on marketing, such as the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, ACRL, LAMA, and ALA. He was interviewed for the May 2006 volume of one of the top graphic design publications, Print.

"Using 'tangible ideas that can be done in bite-sized chunks,' the authors break public relations into different types of strategies for specific purposes. The result is a book that demystifies marketing by demonstrating that the real secret to marketing is to just try it."
--AALL Spectrum

"The book is nicely designed and full of examples, lists, work sheets, and other aids. Although it could be read cover to cover, it is just as useful for browsing chapters or skimming the headings for ideas, such as creating a story bank or a wiki. This useful guide helps libraries tell their story and make their best practices known."

"This book does an excellent job of capturing the essence of some of the newest venues that libraries should be utilizing to reach a variety of potential patrons."
--Against the Grain

"Don't let this book's size fool you. Coming in at less than 150 pages, it provides a powerful and streamlined approach to marketing, which has become an increasingly important aspect of library services ... Addressing everything from blogging to Twitter, Flickr to FaceBook, this book is a must-have for librarians who find them self taking on the role of marketing director."
--ACRL Washington Newsletter

"The conversational language and short chapters are easy to read and useful for any librarian ... while reading the book, librarians will start generating ideas on how to implement many of these suggestions into their own library. Usable marketing theory and the blend between the old and the new makes this book valuable to a variety of librarians."
--The Idaho Librarian

"Written and arranged in a concise, snappy manner, this book will be a valuable reference tool for everyone associated with library promotion and marketing. The real secret of marketing in new and original ways is simple – just try it!"
--The Australian Library Journal

"The volume contains specific examples of testimonies used in the marketing program and practical information not found easily in other sources ... highly recommended for libraries or other institutions or organizations wishing to undertake a marketing campaign without large expenditures."
--Catholic Library World

"It is relatively safe, and unfortunate, to proclaim that libraries are not proficient marketers of their resources and services. Furthermore, marketing is a fairly universal process in any industry; however, libraries, for the most part, simply do not market well. Thankfully, Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian exists to help generate and bring to fruition practical marketing ideas for one's library. As the title states and the bite-sized candies on the book cover show, there are tasty marketing ideas scattered throughout the book. The book is designed in bite-sized morsels to quickly provide busy librarians with realistic solutions."
--Internet Reference Services Quarterly

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