Answering Teens' Tough Questions--eEditions e-book

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More teenagers than ever turn to librarians and teachers to ask private questions they are afraid to share with family and friends. This book offers any librarian a quick primer on talking with young adults about topics of sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. Each chapter offers background information on a particular topic followed by real-world strategies for supporting teens who may ask for help, often indirectly. Chapters include sex, sexuality, homelessness, tattoos and piercings, dating violence, abuse, drugs and alcohol, emotional and mental health, and the juvenile justice system. YALSA blog manager Eagle offers real strategies for the issues teenagers face every day such as

  • Answers to specific questions about maintaining online sexual health resources,
  • Creating passive health displays,
  • Working in a school or community with abstinence-only values and/or curriculum,
  • Creating positive atmospheres for healthy discussions, making the library a safe space for everyone, and
  • Maintaining teen privacy when other teens speculate about a certain situation

Readers discover how to develop protocol for all of the above situations, notice signs of abuse, report to the proper authorities, develop partnerships with agencies inside and outside the justice system, and provide much-needed mental health resources in a confidential way.

Foreword by Michele Gorman 
Chapter 1. Who Are You, Anyway?—Your Own Background and Biases 
Who You Are 
  • Gender 
  • Race 
  • Age 
  • Sexuality 
  • Religion 
  • Politics 
Examining Privilege
  • Listen 
  • Relax 
  • Follow Up 
Why Me?
Chapter 2. Who Are Those Teens in Your Library?—A Brief Introduction to Teens Themselves 
Developmental Assets for Youth 
  • Support 
  • Empowerment 
  • Boundaries and Expectations 
  • Constructive Use of Time 
  • Commitment to Learning 
  • Positive Values 
  • Social Competencies
  • Positive Identity 
Chapter 3. "What If I Go All the Way?"—Sex and Sexuality
The Data 
  • Teens and Sexual Health Information 
Support Teens' Sexual Health at the Library
  • Go-To Sources for Research and Current Data on Sex and Sexuality (Adult Level) 
  • Health Databases Geared Toward Teens 
  • Sex and Sexuality Websites Geared Toward Teens
  • Books You Should Have in Your Collection 
Chapter 4. "Does That Girl Even Have a House?"—Homeless Teens 
The Numbers 
Helping Homeless Teens
  • The National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Covenant House Institute 
Chapter 5. "Did That Hurt?"—Tattoos and Piercings 
Teens and Body Modification
Chapter 6. "You Won't Tell Anyone, Right?"—Dating Violence and Abuse 
Defining Dating Violence and Abuse 
Highly Recommended Resources 
Chapter 7. "Does That Get You High?"—Drugs and Alcoho
Teens and Tobacco Products 
  • Spotting Teen Smokers 
  • How to Stop Smokers
Teens and Alcohol 
Spotting Teen Drinkers 
How You Can Help 
Other Drugs 
Making the Library Safe for Everyone 
Library Resources and Programs 
Chapter 8. "Why Does Everyone Keep Telling Me to Relax?"—Mental and Emotional Health
Teens and Mental Illness
  • Anxiety Disorders 
  • Bipolar Disorder 
  • Depression
  • ADHD 
Teens' Experience with Education and Mental Illness 
Signs to Watch For 
A Word about Confidentiality 
Ways to Get Involved without Getting Involved 
  • Partner with a Social Worker or Counselor 
  • Offer Resources Online 
  • Keep Your Resources Current 
  • Think about Your Space 
  • Keep Resources Visible and Discreet 
  • You Don't Have to Overshare 
Chapter 9. "You Wanna Fight about It?"—Teen Violence and Juvenile Justice .
Youth Crime 
Youth as Victims 
All Teens Suffer from Youth Crime 
  • Profiling Teens 
  • Youth Curfews
  • Coping Mechanisms 
  • Escalation 
Teens in the Justice System Suffer 
  • Gaps in Education 
  • Employment Difficulties 
  • Treated Like a Criminal 
Making Your Library Safe for Everyone 
Chapter 10. "Did You See What She Wrote on My Wall?"—Teens and Technology
The Technology 
  • Cell Phones
  • Teens and Social Networks
About the Author and YALSA

mk Eagle

mk Eagle is a transplanted New Englander who can still recite her southern Oregon library card number by heart. She manages the YALSA Blog for the Young Adult Library Services Association and has presented at the ISIS Conference on New Media, Youth & Sexual Health. She is the librarian at Holliston High School and currently resides in Boston with her partner and two ungrateful cats.

"Eagle tackles the sensitive issues that teen librarians can face in working with patrons, ranging from smoking and drugs to online ethics. For librarians who wish to intervene and make a difference in their patrons' lives, this guide provides plenty of information."
--School Library Journal

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