ALA Essentials for Library Workers: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Patrons with Disabilities

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Libraries have an obligation to ensure equal access to materials for all patrons, and this includes those with disabilities. There are a variety of skills, strategies, and technologies that can help us fulfill this professional and legal obligation, but training in this area is often difficult to find. In this session, Brenda Hough, on behalf of the Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA), shows your employees the basics.

After participating in this training, you will know

  • The wide range of types of disabilities and how it might impact how someone is able or not able to use the library
  • Tips for interacting with people with disabilities
  • Ways in which you can create a culture that fosters an empowering and welcoming environment for people with disabilities

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Learn more about the ALA Essentials for Library Workers series by viewing this free informational webinar.

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