Access Versus Assets: A Comprehensive Guide to Resource Sharing for Academic Librarians

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Explores a broad range of cost-effective and efficient approaches to providing students and faculty with information that exists outside the walls of the local library. Access Versus Assets guides librarians as they consider the available resource sharing options and helps them develop programs to satisfy the needs of their users.

Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- A Point of Embarkation: "What's Past Is Prologue"
Chapter 3- Cooperative Relationships: "We Band of Brothers"
Chapter 4- Reciprocal Agreements: "He That Runs May Read"
Chapter 5- Interlending: "Friends Share All Things"
Chapter 6- Commercial Document Suppliers: " For All We Take We Must Pay, But the Price Is Cruel High"
Chapter 7- Approaches to Documents Delivery: Deliberate Speed, Majestic Instancy"
Chapter 8- Making Decisions for Access: "A Mighty Maze! But Not without a Plan"
Chapter 9- Shaping Our Future: "Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On"


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