250+ Activities and Ideas for Developing Literacy Skills:

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Success in the information age means that children learn not only to read - but also to interpret a wide range of symbols: letters, musical tones, numbers, computer icons and the like. This unique sourcebook offers literacy activities and ideas to teach young children more than 72 literacy skills. It covers listening, sound recognition, parts of the book, top to bottom, left to right, letter/sound connections, using picture and context clues, sequencing, measurement, telling time, street addresses, coordinates, money, mouse skills, and keyboarding. Detailed discussions of each include necessary prerequisite skills, the concepts to be mastered, the materials needed, instructional procedures, and extensions to the activities. Here are more than 250 literacy development activities and ideas for use by school librarians, public librarians, daycare providers, head start teachers, classroom teachers, and others concerned with making sure that children are information literate.