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NEW Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach
Sandra Nelson
Item Number: 978-0-8389-3504-0
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $60.00
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316 pages
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-3504-0
Year Published: 2001
A classic resource, Planning for Results has long served to help public librarians envision, evaluate, and respond to community needs with distinctive programs and services. The NEW Planning for Results continues that tradition in an all-in-one guide that outlines a tested, results-driven planning process—revamped and streamlined to enable libraries to respond quickly to rapidly changing environments. Nelson’s brand new approach focuses on the essential steps necessary to draft a forward-looking plan for any public library, regardless of organizational structure or size. New to this edition is an information-gathering toolkit for performing research and using customer surveys to provide a higher, more responsive level of service. The recommended planning time line has been reduced from eight to ten months down to four months in this edition and the previous twenty-three planning tasks have been combined to make twelve. Benefit from improvements to the process based on feedback from librarians around the country as you learn how to:
  • Design a planning process, customized to your setting, with the help of Nelson’s do’s and dont’s, in-depth case study, and sample forms.
  • Utilize toolkit resources to plan your route, reach consensus, and keep staff informed.
  • Use the thirteen workforms to simplify, organize, explain, and implement the process.
With the tools in The New Planning for Results, librarians will be equipped to react swiftly by surveying the environment and transforming services to effectively meet changing community needs.

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Table of Contents


Part One
The Planning Process

Part Two
Public Library Service Responses

Part Three
Tool Kit

Part Four

About the Author
Sandra Nelson is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and writer specializing in public library planning and management issues. She has worked in both small and large public libraries and for two state library agencies. A well-known presenter, she has conducted hundreds of training programs in more than forty states across the country. Nelson chaired the committee that developed the original Planning for Results: A Public Library Transformation Process, and co-authored Wired for the Future: Developing Your Library Technology Plan and Managing for Results: Effective Resource Allocation for Public Libraries.
“Nelson covers all the bases without overwhelming the reader with detail… Public librarians new to administration and contemplating planning long- or short-term improvements will find this a wonderful vademecum.”
—Catholic Library World

“Although this work is intended for public librarians, there are practical applications for academic librarians.”
—Journal of Academic Librarianship

“The presentation is clear and easy to read and follow.”
—American Reference Books Annual

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