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Rethinking Information Literacy: A Practical Framework for Supporting Learning
Edited by Jane Secker and Emma Coonan
Item Number: 978-1-85604-822-4
Publisher: Facet Publishing, UK
Price: $95.00
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224 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-85604-822-4
Year Published: 2012

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Based on groundbreaking research undertaken by editors Jane Secker and Emma Coonan as part of the prestigious Arcadia Program at Cambridge University, UK, this book presents a new and dynamic information literacy curriculum developed for the 21st-century information professional. The authors adopt a broad definition of information literacy that encompasses social as well as academic environments and situates information literacy as a fundamental attribute of the discerning scholar and the informed citizen. It seeks to address in a modular, flexible and holistic way the developing information needs of students entering higher education over the next five years.

The book is organized around the ten “strands” of the new curriculum, which cover the whole landscape of information literacy development required to succeed as an undergraduate in higher education. Interweaving the editors' research and the reflections of internationally recognized experts from the library, education, and information literacy fields, including Moira Bent, Andy Priestner, Sarah Pavey, Geoff Walton and Elizabeth Tilley, it illustrates how and why this new curriculum will work in practice. Detailed appendices present the curriculum, lesson plans and tools for institutional audit, giving readers all the tools they need to implement it successfully in their institutions.
Table Of Contents
Strand One: Transition from school to higher education - Sarah Pavey
Strand Two: Becoming an independent learner  - Geoff Walton and Jamie Cleland
Strand Three: Developing academic Literacies - Moira Bent
Strand Four: Mapping and evaluating the information landscape - Clare McCluskey
Strand Five: Resource discovery in your discipline  - Isla Kuhn
Strand Six: Managing information - Elizabeth Tilley
Strand Seven: The ethical dimension of information - Lyn Parker
Strand Eight: Presenting and communicating knowledge - Andy Priestner
Strand Nine: Synthesizing information and creating new knowledge - Emma Coonan
Strand Ten: The social dimension of information - Helen Webster
Afterword: ‘Ownership is a flawed concept’ - Katy Wrathall
Appendix 1: A New Curriculum for Information Literacy (ANCIL):
the curriculum
Appendix 2: ANCIL Lesson Plan 
Appendix 3: ANCIL Institutional Audit: worksheet 
Appendix 4: ANCIL Institutional Audit: interview questions  

About the Editors

Jane Secker is Copyright and Digital and Literacy Advisor at LSE, where she has responsibility for the digital literacy program for staff and PhD students. She also advises staff about copyright issues particularly related to their use of digital resources and e-learning. She has published widely and led several externally funded projects, most recently being project manager for the DELILA (Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacies for Accreditation) funded by JISC and the Higher Education Academy to release digital and information literacy materials and open educational resources. She was named a 2013 Library Journal Mover & Shaker.

Emma Coonan is Research Skills and Development Librarian at Cambridge University Library, UK, where she has responsibility for designing and teaching classes on various facets of information finding, handling and management. She blogs at The mongoose librarian.

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