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Library Services for Children and Young People: Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age
Edited by Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock
Item Number: 978-1-85604-712-8
Publisher: Facet Publishing, UK
Price: $110.00
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272 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-85604-712-8
Year Published: 2012

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Outlining a vision for children’s and young adult library services in the next decade, this book carves out a strategy for engaging with the challenges and opportunities for children’s and YA librarians and policymakers in the Google environment. Editors Rankin and Brock, alongside a host of internationally known practitioners and academics, offer a wide perspective on all aspects of library services for 6–18 year olds. Designed to support the strategic planning and delivery of library services and programs at a local community level or in schools, this book uses a series of case studies, scenarios and vignettes, drawn from international sources, to root the discussion in a real-world context. Accessible, informative, and inspiring, it addresses such important topics as
  • Policy, people, and partnerships for effective children’s and YA library services
  • Connecting and engaging  young audiences using technology tools
  • Buildings, design, and spaces for children and young adults
  • Professional practice, including the importance of service evaluation and advocacy
This book is essential reading for all senior library practitioners, children’s librarians and school librarians, subject coordinators, and managers in schools promoting the new curricula and extended school services in both primary and secondary. It will also be of value for all postgraduate students in accredited library and information management courses.
Table of Contents

Foreword - Annie Everall OBE

Introduction and vision for the book - Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock


1. Library services for children and young people – an overview of current provision, future trends and challenges - Carolynn Rankin and Avril Brock
2. 21st-century school libraries – visionary spaces for learning - Tricia Adams
3. The changing shape of reading – the 21st-century challenge - Briony Birdi
4. Case study. Engaging and influencing policy and the curriculum – the Scottish Information Literacy Project experience - Christine Irving


5. Libraries, literacy and popular culture – let’s get reading! - Avril Brock and Carolynn Rankin
6. Libraries, literacy and popular culture – what’s cool to read? - Avril Brock and Alix Coughlin
7. Creative integration of information technology in the school library - Carol Webb
8. Comics, manga and graphic novels – developing, selecting and promoting a core collection for teenagers and young people - Mel Gibson
9. Connecting and engaging with children and young people – the Australian public library perspective on outreach and marketing - Carolyn Bourke
10. Case study. Partnerships and library outreach in the National Year of Reading 2008 - Carolynn Rankin


11. Library space and place transformation – designing for the digital natives - Carolynn Rankin
12. Making space for reading – designing library spaces for children in public and school libraries - Rachel Van Riel
13. Case study. Imagine, explore, discover – welcome to The Trove at White Plains Public Library, New York - Sandra Miranda


14. The importance of service evaluation in libraries for children and schools - Lucy Gildersleeves
15. The rights of the child and youth advocacy – issues for professional practice in the library setting - Edward Halpin, Philippa Trevorrow, Laura Topping and Carolynn Rankin

About the Editors

Carolynn Rankin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Global Ethics at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

Dr. Avril Brock is a Principal Lecturer in the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and is the Award Leader for the MA Childhood Studies and MA Early Years, lecturing on Early Childhood Education.

"Accessible, informative and inspiring are the words used to describe the aims of this title and are words that should rightly be associated with library services for children and young people. Thankfully, this is a book that does indeed match its inspirations with insightful contributions from librarians, lecturers and researcher’s all with many years of experience in the field. Personal experiences are of particular importance in the field of children’s library services and give this book an accessible and approachable style whilst retaining an appropriate level of academia."To me this book is not so much a one-stop-shop for those undertaking research in LIS; instead its greatest value lies in how it gently steers the reader through the research terrain, highlighting both the pitfalls and best routes to take, and giving them the context and insight to navigate and reach their own destination. Indeed it is likely that once the reader gets involved in any kind of project, this will be just one of several research texts that they reach for. However, it might ultimately end up being the most essential, by being the one that started them on their journey in the first place."
— Library and Information Research

"Eminently accessible, and its essays are each supplemented by a host of valuable references and websites. Highly recommended!"
--Midwest Book Review

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