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Cloud Computing for Libraries (THE TECH SET® #11)
Marshall Breeding
Item Number: 978-1-5557-0785-9
Publisher: ALA TechSource
Price: $59.95
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This title is also available for purchase as part of THE TECH SET® #11-20.

136 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 9781555707859
Year Published: 2012

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Cloud computing helps libraries shift away from owning and operating local servers to Web-based services. This book equips you with the information and practical advice needed to evaluate the many opportunities to take advantage of cloud computing. It features applications that empower you to use technology without the constraints of a locally supported infrastructure, and more in-depth information and examples of how to plunge directly into suitable projects by taking advantage of free services offered by the top cloud services providers. Examples include using cloud-based supplemental storage, Google’s suite of apps, Amazon’s S3 and EC2 services to power your library website, and DuraCloud to host an online library media collection.

About the Author

Marshall Breeding, director for innovative technology and research for the Vanderbilt University Library, is also a speaker, writer, and consultant. He is the creator and editor of Library Technology Guides, a columnist for Computers in Libraries, editor of Smart Libraries, and has authored the annual “Automation Marketplace” published by Library Journal since 2002. He has authored nine issues of ALA’s Library Technology Reports, and has written many other articles and books. He regularly teaches workshops and gives presentations internationally at library conferences.

"Breeding’s stance is judicious rather than evangelical. He argues that adoption of cloud computing offers many benefits and is in any case to some extent inevitable. He has a firm eye, however, on the costs, problems, and risks attached – his discussion of such matters is notably sharp ... An extremely helpful professional resource – one that I have no hesitation recommending. The writing is clear, concise, and authoritative throughout."
Monographer's Blog

"Provides the practical information and 'real world' advice required to take full advantange of what cloud computing can provide."
--Midwest Book Review

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