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Civility Diversity Training Card
Office for Diversity
Item Number: 0002-116
Publisher: Office for Diversity
Price: $10.00
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8 ½" x 5 ½"
sold in packs of 20

Creating a civil work environment furthers diversity efforts by creating a place where people—all kinds of people—want to contribute to their fullest potential. These training cards are designed to provide an easy introduction to what civility is, how it can benefit the workplace, and some of the small steps staff can take to create a more civil environment. As conversation starters, in one-on-one coaching, or as part of a formal professional development sessions, these cards bring an important topic to everyone’s attention.

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About the Authors

The Office for Diversity serves as a clearinghouse for diversity resources and a focal point for administering and fostering diversity as a value and key action area of the Association. The Office serves the membership though its initiatives and programs, resource development, active consultations and training on diversity issues that impact the profession, the workplace, and information service delivery. Topics include such issues as recruitment and retention; personal and professional leadership; organizational change; team and capacity building; service strategies for diverse user populations; and effective interpersonal communications.

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