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Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies from the Past, Visions of the Future
Edited by Rita Kohrman
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8602-8
Publisher: ACRL
Price: $48.00
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280 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-8602-8
Year Published: 2012
AP Categories: P
Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies from the Past, Visions of the Future captures the evolution of the education collections and services integral to teacher preparation. Edited by Rita Kohrman, education resources librarian at Grand Valley State University, the book provides practical applications for curriculum material center (CMC) operations that focus on the fundamental needs of students, faculty, and current teachers. Initial chapters focus on the foundations of place CMCs within theoretical and historical contexts—their original goals, purposes, and services. Succeeding chapters discuss how curriculum centers are evolving to meet the changes in teacher preparation now and in the future. Among the notable contributors are three recipients of the ACRL/EBSS Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award: Nancy O’Brien, Penny Beile, and JoAnn Carr (also the editor of A Guide to the Management of Curriculum Materials Centers for the 21st Century). Many other practitioners and leaders in the fields of education and curriculum centers librarianship also contribute.
Table of Contents

           Voices and Visions from CMCs: Importance and Theoretical Basis for Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers
Penny Beile

1. From Collections to Laboratories to Centers: Development of the Curriculum Materials Collections or Centers to 1940
Rita Kohrman

2. Curriculum Materials Laboratories: Blast from the Past or Institutionally Relevant?
Suzan A. Alteri

3. The Role of Children’s Literature in the Curriculum Materials Center
Ann E. Brownson

4. Promoting Library Instruction for Education Students: A Model for CMC/Faculty Collaboration
Pat Farthing and Margaret N. Gregor

5. Collection Development and Budgets: Methods to Keep the Curriculum Center Current
Nadean Meyer

6. Staffing the CMC for Success
Linda M. Teel

7. Building a Successful Outreach Program
Hazel J. Walker

8. Evolution of the American Textbook: From Hornbooks to iPads
Nancy P. O’Brien and Judy Walker

9. The Value of the Curriculum Center’s Mission Statement: Meeting the Needs of Evolving Teacher Education
Julie L. Miller and Nadean Meyer

10. Staying Relevant: Re-engineering for the Future
Shonda Brisco

11. Curriculum Access and Creation in the CMC of the Future
Jo Ann Carr with Anna K. Lewis

12. A Look to the Future of Curriculum Materials Centers
Kathy Yoder and Linda Scott
About the Editor

Rita Kohrman is Education Librarian at the Steelcase Library, Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI).

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