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Library Management Tips that Work
Edited by Carol Smallwood
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1121-1
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $57.00
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208 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1121-1
Year Published: 2011
AP Categories: A, C

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There’s no shortage of library management books out there—but how many of them actually tackle the little details of day-to-day management, the hard-to-categorize things that slip through the cracks of a larger handbook? Library Management Tips that Work does exactly that, addressing dozens of such issues facing library managers, including
  • How to create a job manual, and keep staff accountable
  • Keeping your library board in the loop
  • Using numbers to make your case
  • Dealing with unreturned library materials
  • Methods for managing multiple libraries with one FTE librarian
  • Retaining services despite budget cuts and staff shortages
  • Public relations on a shoestring
Written by contributors from across the field, this eclectic guide offers best practices suitable for managers in all types of libraries.
Table of Contents


Part I    The Manager Role
1. Beating the Clock: Adaptive Time Management in a Fluid Environment
Geoffrey P. Timms
2. Creating Manuals for Job Duties
Holly Flynn
3. How to Manage Serving Students of Generational Poverty
Kris Baughman and Rebecca Marcum Parker
4. How to Protect Your Library from Employment Discrimination Claims
Michael A. Germano
5. Managing Emergencies: What to Do When Basic or Big Disasters Strike
Sian Brannon and Kimberly Wells
6. Creating a Staff Accountability System
Terry Ann Lawler
7. Planning Ahead: Time Management in Defining Goals
Geoffrey P. Timms
8. Transforming an Off-Campus Library from Empty Space to Award Winner in One Year
Seamus Scanlon
9. When You’re Not (Exactly) the Boss: How to Manage Effectively in a “Coordinator” Role
Kim Becnel
10. Communication and Staff Awareness in the Branch Library
Jason Kuhl

Part II    Running a Library
11. ASSURE-ing Your Collection
Roxanne Myers Spencer and Barbara Fiehn
12. Billy Club: A Model for Dealing with Unreturned Library Materials
Suzann Holland
13. Collaboration for Library Collection Acquisition
Lorette S. J. Weldon
14. Community Partnerships: The Key to Providing Programs in a Recession
Ashanti White
15. CVL Leads: Mentorship and Leadership
Robin Shader
16. How to Manage a Student-Centric Library Service for Nontraditional Users
Seamus Scanlon
17. Managing Overnight
Ken Johnson and Susan Jennings
18. Managing More Than One School Library with One FTE Librarian
Kris Baughman and Rebecca Marcum Parker
19. Management Tips for Merging Multiple Service Points
Colleen S. Harris
20. SuperStarz: An Experience in Grant Project Management
Vera Gubnitskaia
21. Utilizing Retired Individuals as Volunteers
Ashanti White
22. Weeding as Affective Response, or “I Just Can’t Throw This Out!”
Barbara Fiehn and Roxanne Myers Spencer

Part III    Information Technology
23. Facebook for Student Assistants
Susan Jennings and Ken Johnson
24. Improving Communication with Blogs
Alice B. Ruleman
25. Improving Productivity with Google Apps
Suzann Holland
26. Partnering with Information Technology at the Reference Desk: A Model for Success
Jeffrey A. Franks
27. Putting Missing Pieces from the Collection Together with SharePoint
Lorette S. J. Weldon
28. Real-Life Management Using Virtual Tools
Vera Gubnitskaia
29. Session Control Software for Community Users in an Academic Library
Jeffrey A. Franks
30. To Friend or Not to Friend: The Facebook Question
Kim Becnel
31. Why a Wiki? How Wikis Help Get Work Done
Alice B. Ruleman

Part IV    Staff
32. Millennials, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Boomers, Oh My! Managing Multiple Generations in the Library
Colleen S. Harris
33. Hiring and Training Graduate Assistants for the Academic Library
Erin O’Toole
34. Managing for Emergencies: What to Do before, during, and after Disaster
Sian Brannon and Kimberly Wells
35. Managing Librarians and Staff with Young Children
Holly Flynn
36. Mentoring Graduate Assistants in the Academic Library
Erin O’Toole
37. New Employee Orientation
Bradley Tolppanen and Janice Derr
38. Discrimination in Employment: An Overview for Library Managers
Michael A. Germano
39. Obtaining Compliance from Underperforming Employees: Talking It Through
Terry Ann Lawler
40. Planning for Change: Ensuring Staff Commitment
Jason Kuhl
41. Shadow and Learn: Knowing Your Staff
Robin Shader
42. Staff Shortages
Bradley Tolppanen and Janice Derr

Part V    Public Relations
43. No Surprises: Keeping Your Board in the Loop
Lynn Hawkins
44. Board Meetings That Work
James B. Casey
45. Library Partners: Cooperating with Other Nonprofits
John Helling
46. Portraits in a Small Town: Balancing Access and Privacy with a Local History Photography Collection
John Helling
47. Using Numbers to Make Your Case
James B. Casey
48. Staying in the Game: Public Relations on a Shoestring
Lynn Hawkins


About the Editor

Carol Smallwood received her MLS from Western Michigan University and her MA in history from Eastern Michigan University. Writing and Publishing: The Librarian’s Handbook and Librarians as Community Partners: An Outreach Handbook are 2010 ALA anthologies she has edited. Lily’s Odyssey and Contemporary American Women: Our Defining Passages are new releases outside librarianship. Her magazine credits include The Writer’s Chronicle, English Journal, and Michigan Feminist Studies; her library experience covers work in school, public, academic, and special libraries as well as being an administrator and consultant. This is her twenty-fourth published book.
Praise for Library Management Tips That Work

“This strong collection not only offers guidance for untangling management knots that you may already have, but can also give a heads-up to challenges that are almost surely coming your way. From planning to execution, experience shows the way to deal with people, property, and technology.”
--Mary Dugan, Asst. Prof. of Library Science and Resource Development Librarian, Management and Economics Library, Purdue University

“This anthology will appeal to librarians in a management role at all types of libraries, both large and small. Addressing everything from working with library boards to using social networking tools for managerial purposes, there’s something for everyone.”
--Mardi Mahaffy, Humanities Librarian, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Library Management Tips That Work covers a broad and interesting array of subjects, and is therefore bound to have a noteworthy topic for most librarians involved in library management. The common sense approach combined with valuable insights based on real-life experiences make the anthology easy to read and assimilate into current practice.”
---Mary Laskowski, Head of Information Processing & Management, University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Library Management Tips That Work helps librarians stay ahead of the game by offering practical solutions for real life situations. The diverse set of authors and topics ensures that this book will have something for everyone.”
---Emily Dill, Associate Librarian, University Library of Columbus, Columbus, Indiana

“As a team leader, I will take any and all good ideas to improve my library.  Library Management Tips That Work is a practical addition to library management.”
---Ken Johnson, Coordinator of Learning & Research Services, Appalachian State University

"An insightful compilation of essays from many librarians ... a core addition to any library science reference collection."
--Midwest Book Review

"This book offers a wealth of information for any informational professional, management or otherwise ... Librarians should familiarize themselves with the subjects covered in this book, and then keep the title close at hand for when those issues arise."

"Managers looking for ways to improve communication and staffing techniques will find plenty to choose from in this collection of practical and pragmatic management tips."
--Public Libraries

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