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Working in the Virtual Stacks: The New Library and Information Science
Edited by Laura Townsend Kane
Item Number: 978-0-8389-1103-7
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $48.00
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184 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1103-7
Year Published: 2011
AP Categories: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, Z

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Thanks in part to technology, the boundaries of library positions are dissolving. It is no longer practical to discuss the profession in terms of traditional library types, and in today’s library, the relationship between librarians and technology is stronger than ever. In this informative volume, veteran author Kane interviews dozens of practicing librarians who are highly involved with technology as part of their day-to-day jobs. Revealing the full richness of the profession, Kane
  • Profiles web-services librarians in all types of settings, from veterinary medicine and law to astronomy, market research, and cataloging
  • Offers insights into career opportunities in the library world by challenging traditional notions of what a librarian does
  • Shows examples of real-world librarianship in the fields of technology instruction, digital futures, virtual libraries, and even librarians as entrepreneurs
Written in a warm and personal style, Working in the Virtual Stacks presents an exciting future for librarians, already upon us today!
Table of Contents


Chapter 1    Librarians as Subject Specialists
Catherine Lavallée-Welch—Engineering and Computer Science
Lynn Baltimore—Clinical Medicine
Stephanie Midkiff—Law
Peter Sprenkle—General Reference
Elizabeth B. Kudwa—Business
Vicki F. Croft—Veterinary Medicine
Dolores Zegar Judkins—Health Sciences
David Bigwood—Cataloging and Astronomy
Roslyn Donald—Business

Chapter 2    Librarians as Technology Gurus and Social Networkers
Michael Sauers—Technology Innovation, Technology Consulting
Jessamyn West—Community Technology Instruction, Web Design
Michele Lipson—Community Technology Outreach
Greg Schwartz—Library Systems and IT Operations
Meredith Farkas—Instructional Initiatives and Social Software
Sarah Houghton-Jan—Digital Futures, Web Presence, Social Software
Lori Bell—Virtual Libraries and Multi-Type Library Systems
Rhonda Bridges Trueman—Multi-Type Library Systems and Virtual Reference
David Lee King—Digital Resources and Social Software
Michael Porter—Online Learning Communities and Technology Consulting

Chapter 3    Librarians as Teachers and Community Liaisons
Michael Stephens—Graduate Library School Professor
Jeannine M. Brown—School Library Media Specialist
Scott Walter—Associate Dean of Libraries and Library School Professor
Brian Mathews—User Experience Librarian
Darren G. Poley—Outreach Librarian (University Library)
Brigid Cahalan—Outreach Librarian (Public Library)

Chapter 4    Librarians as Entrepreneurs
Judith Tapiero—The Organized Library—Library Organization Consulting
Amelia Kassel—MarketingBase—Market Intelligence Research
Nancy K. Humphreys—Wordmaps Indexing—Freelance Indexing
Alexander H. Cohen—Aaron Cohen Associates, Ltd.—Library Planning and Consulting
Bill Wilson—Himmel and Wilson—Library Consulting

Chapter 5    Librarians as Administrators
Steve Podgajny—Executive Director, Public Library
Catherine A. Quinlan—Academic Dean, University Library System
Gerald Perry—Director, Health Sciences Library
Steven J. Bell—Associate University Librarian

About the Editor

Laura Townsend Kane is the Assistant Director for Information Services at the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine (SOM) Library in Columbia, South Carolina. Kane is co-author of Answers to the Health Questions People Ask in Libraries: A Medical Library Association Guide, and author of "Access Versus Ownership” in the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, several book chapters about librarianship career opportunities, and peer-reviewed journal articles on various issues in librarianship. She is an active member of the Medical Library Association (MLA) and its regional Southern Chapter, and is a Distinguished Member of MLA’s Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP).

"Far from dry, the two- to three-page interviews read like conversations and are both entertaining and informative, intended to spark interest among those who have never before considered librarianship as a career choice ... a useful addition to the professional bookshelf."

"This book is a great starting point for students looking for a career or specialty within librarianship as well as for those librarians looking for a change."
--Journal of Library Innovation

"The hidden gold in this book are the individual career histories themselves, and readers will be encouraged by these stories ... Adaptivity, curiosity, and confidence are the overall theme, not only of each story, but also of the advice these individuals give to aspiring librarians and those seeking career change."
--Public Libraries

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