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¡Bienvenidos! ¡Welcome!: A Handy Resource Guide for Marketing Your Library to Latinos
Susannah Mississippi Byrd
Item Number: 978-0-8389-0902-7
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $28.00
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128 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-0902-7
Year Published: 2005
The Latino population, currently 37.4 million people, is 13.3% of the U.S. population. To serve this growing audience, libraries with increasing Hispanic populations are seeking information and guidance to create relevant collections and services. ¡Bienvenidos! ¡Welcome! by Latino marketing expert Byrd is a convenient, expert handbook to these resources.

Growing from the leadership initiative of 2004–5 ALA President Carol Brey-Casiano, this groundbreaking guide supplies the necessary tips to help librarians:
  • Build a knowledge base about their local Hispanic community
  • Learn about cultural distinctions between groups
  • Develop a collection that reflects the needs of the community
  • Create programs, services, and activities relevant to their interests
  • Generate enthusiasm with outreach targeted to Latinos
  • Provide comfortable and easy access to the library

To create a comprehensive marketing and outreach strategy that will attract diverse Latino audiences, Byrd suggests ways to gain knowledge of your Latino community through interviews, surveys, and advisory council. Librarians will also learn what collections and programs have been successful in other libraries with a large base of Spanish language users, as well as tried and true methods to gain knowledge about their local Hispanic community. Thirty-four context-based resources provide the starting point to access specialized information.

Public and school librarians without the cultural background to serve this growing populace, can count on ¡Bienvenidos! ¡Welcome! as a resource guide to welcoming Latino customers to their library.
Table of Contents

ix / Foreword

1 / ¡Bienvenidos! ¡Welcome!

3 / Chapter 1: Knowledge
Demographics / 3
Community Assessment / 8

15 / Chapter 2: Responsive Collections
Spanish-Language Books and Books by Latinos / 15
Children’s Books / 20

24 / Chapter 3: Library Services and Programming
Introduction to the Library / 24
Programming and Services for Children / 26
Literacy and Education / 29
Cultural Celebrations, Events and Community Gatherings / 33
Library Assistance and Services for Spanish Speakers / 37
Services that Connect Latinos and New Immigrants
to the Community / 38

40 / Chapter 4: Outreach and Publicity
Publicity Through Informal Social Networks / 40
Media Publicity / 42
Library Signage / 44
Developing Promotional Material / 44

46 / Chapter 5: Access
Immigrants / 46
The Face and the Language of the Library / 47

49 / Spanish-Language Marketplace
Wholesalers and Distributors / 49
Publishers / 61
Audio Publishers / 103
Video Publishers / 107

109 / Notes
About the Author
Susannah M. Byrd owns Moxie Communications and Consulting in El Paso, Texas. Former Director of Marketing and Publicity for Cinco Puntos Press, Byrd also served for two years as executive assistant to El Paso mayor, Raymond Cabellero, developing housing and economic development policy.

She is the author of Tell Me a Cuento/ Cuentame Un Story: How to Use a Bilingual Storybook in the Classroom and Marketing and Selling Books to Latinos. The book is co-published with Cinco Puntos Press, an independent award-winning press focused on literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry and children’s books) from the Southwest and U.S./Mexico border. 2005 ALA President Carol Brey-Casiano pens the foreword as part of her presidential initiative celebrating the diversity of literary voices in the nation and the role libraries play in building literacy.

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