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Time Flies…But Where? Time Management Tips and Tools -- digital download
Sandra Nelson for PLA
Item Number: 978-0-8389-8563-2
Publisher: PLA
Price: $45.00
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Digital Download
Year Published: 2010
Time Flies…But Where? Time Management Tips and Tools is one of a series of electronic publications in the Public Library Association’s Train the Trainer Series. Each publication includes all of the materials needed to present a one day (4-4.5 hour) training program for library staff members. The materials include masters for the handouts that will be distributed to the training participants, a PowerPoint presentation to be used by the trainer during the program, a detailed script for the training program, an evaluation form, and a training manual.

If you ask library staff members about their jobs, you will always hear that they have more work than they can ever accomplish.  Staff time constraints will become more challenging in the next several years as library budgets remain flat or decline, the number of staff decrease, and the workload continues to increase.  This training program has been designed to provide all levels of library staff with the information and skills they need to identify the major time problems in their lives and to manage those problems more effectively.  This training program will help participants to:
  • Evaluate the balance between work life and personal life, and identify needed changes
  • Understand how work habits and personality affect time management choices
  • Identify and describe six of the most common time management challenges
  • Identify their own personal time management challenges and determine which causes the most problems
  • Use a number of different tips and tools to address each of their major time challenges
  • Develop a personal plan addressing their most significant and harmful time management challenges

About the Author

Sandra Nelson is a consultant, speaker, trainer, and writer specializing in public library planning and management issues. She has presented hundreds of training programs in forty-eight states during the past three decades. During her career, Nelson has worked in both large and small public libraries and in state library agencies. She is the author of Implementing for Results (2009), Strategic Planning for Results (2008), and The New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach (2001), and is co-author of Creating Policies for Results: From Chaos to Clarity (2003), Managing for Results: Effective Resource Allocation for Public Libraries (2000), and Wired for the Future: Developing Your Library Technology Plan (1999), all published by the ALA. She is the senior editor of the PLA Results series. She also authored Libraries Prosper: A Guide to Using the PLA Advocacy Toolkit, published by the Public Library Association. Her awards include Arizona Librarian of the Year (1987), the Professional Achievement Award from the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (1996), Outstanding Alumna Award, University of North Texas, School of Information Science (1999), and the ALA’s Melvil Dewey Medal (2008).

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